A concept for Symmetra (Overwatch Hero)

Symmetra Hero Concept

Basic Information

Role: Support

Attack Type: Ranged
Health: 1270
Health regen: 2.6458
Resource: 500 Mana
Unit Radius: 0.625
Attack Speed: 4.00
Attack Range: 6.25
Attack Damage: 25


Photon Orb [Q]
40 Mana / Cooldown: 3 seconds
Activate to charge a Photon Orb that deals 60 damage to enemies it hits. Photon Orb’s damage and size gradually increases up to 140 damage the longer it’s channeled, released after 2 seconds.

Sentry Turret [W]
30 Mana / Cooldown: 8 seconds
Place a Sentry Turret to a targeted area. The Sentry Turret deals 10 damage every 0.25 seconds, slowing enemies hit by 25% and revealing them, prioritizing enemy Heroes. The Sentry Turrets lasts indefinitely and has 116 health. Up to 5 Turrets and Symmetra stores 2 charges.

Photon Shield [E]
50 Mana / Cooldown: 15 seconds
Target an allied Hero other than Symmetra and give them 165 Shield that regenerates after 5 seconds of taking no damage. The shield can be reapplied to restore its Shield amount and the Shield lasts until death.

Grant a target ally other than Symmetra a 185 Shield that regenerates after 3 seconds of taking no damage, if it’s fully drained it regenerates 5 seconds after taking no damage. The shield can be reapplied and lasts indefinitely until death. (Previously)

Photon Barrier [R]
50 Mana / Cooldown: 25 seconds
Project a Barrier that moves forward, allied Heroes passing through are granted 220 Shields and 15% movement speed for 2 seconds, this barrier blocks projectiles and attack damage.

Teleporter [R]
75 Mana / Cooldown: 80 seconds
Create a Teleporter to a target location, a second Teleporter is created near the Halls of the Storm. An allied Hero can click on a teleporter to travel both ways but consumes a charge of Teleportation, stores up to 3 charges.

Photon Projector [Trait]
Symmetra’s Basic Attack damage is increased by 10% after Basic Attacking for 1.5 seconds, up to 30%.
Hard Light
Symmetra has 400 Shields that regenerates after 3 seconds of taking no damage. (Previously: 200 Shields)


Level 1

Hard Light Projector

Quest!: Hit enemy Heroes with Photon Orb
Reward!: After hitting 15 enemy Heroes with Photon Orb, Photon’s Orb damage is increased by 30%
Reward!: After hitting 30 enemy Heroes with Photon Orb, Photon Projector now allows Symmetra to attack while moving.

Setting up the Car Wash

Quest!: Damage enemy Heroes with Sentry Turrets for 120 seconds.
Reward!: After damaging enemy Heroes with Sentry Turrets for 60 seconds, Sentry Turrets cooldown is reduced by 2 seconds.
Reward!: After damaging enemy Heroes with Sentry Turrets for 120 seconds, Sentry Turrets deals 20% more damage.

Photon Recharge

Photon Shield shield amount can stack up to three times by reapplying it, additionally its cooldown is reduced by 7 seconds. (Updated 2)

Level 4

Shield of Light

Basic Attacks generates Shield equal to 20% of the damage dealt, lasting for 2 seconds.

Shield Restoration

Photon Shield’s shield recharges regardless of taking damage if a Sentry Turret is hitting an enemy Hero.

Weakening Link

Enemy Heroes hit by a Sentry Turret have their Spell Power reduced by 8%, each Turret hitting the same enemy Hero can stack up the Spell Power reduction.

Imposing Beam

If a Sentry Turret hits an enemy Hero for more than 1.25 seconds, their Attack Speed is reduced by 35% while they’re being hit and for 3 seconds after.

(This Talent tier is updated)

Level 7

Sentry Barrier

Sentry Turrets gains 40 Spell Armor.

Mending Light

Cooldown: 40 seconds
Active: Activate to drain all current shields from Photon Shield, healing the targets for 50% of its shielding amount and the shield recharges 15 seconds after.

Cleansing Light

Cooldown: 60 seconds
Active: Activate to empower current active Photon Shields, disabling effects are reduced by 75% for 3 seconds to targets with Photon Shield.

Heroics (Level 10)

Photon Barrier [R]
50 Mana / Cooldown: 25 seconds
Project a Barrier that moves forward, allied Heroes passing through are granted 220 Shields and 15% movement speed for 2 seconds, this barrier blocks projectiles and attack damage.

Teleporter [R]
75 Mana / Cooldown: 80 seconds
Create a Teleporter to a target location, a second Teleporter is created near the Halls of the Storm. An allied Hero can click on a teleporter to travel both ways but consumes a charge of Teleportation, a Teleporter stores up to 3 charges.

Level 13

Photon Beam

Full stacks of Photon Projector deals an additional damage to enemy Heroes for 2% of their maximum Health.

Kinetic Blast

Photon Orb deals an additional 85 damage around an enemy Hero it hits.

Slowing Beam

Sentry Turret’s slow amount increased to 35%.

Level 16

Photon Cannon

Symmetra gains 10 Armor per stack of Photon Projector.

Melting Point

Sentry Turrets deals an additional damage to enemy Heroes for 0.15% of their maximum Health.

Enhanced Vitalities

Photon Shield heals allied Heroes for 11 health per second, while Photon Shield is regenerating, increase healing received by 10%.

Storm Talents (Level 20)

Pushing Forward

Photon Barrier also reduces enemy Hero damage by 30% for 2.5 seconds and its cooldown is reduced by 10 seconds.

Huge Success

Teleporter charges increased to 5 and hitting enemy Heroes with a fully charged Photon Orb adds an active charge.

Shield Generator

Cooldown: 65 seconds
Active: Activate to place a Shield Generator that lasts indefinitely, allied Heroes with Photon Shield near the Shield Generator are granted 20 Armor, while Shields from others are granted 10 Armor.
Passive: Photon Shield time to recharge reduced by 2 seconds.

The idea behind Symmetra’s Hero Concept
The game needed quite a lot of Support Heroes and likely some Overwatch Heroes along with Starcraft II

The concept for my Symmetra concept was to give more ideas of a unique Support where it might be possible to have a no healer composition.

Her role would be area denial and damage mitigation, as well as peeling for her allies. Her Sentry Turrets can deter an area and slow enemies, her shield can be empowered or talented.

Her Teleporter is more of a two way door that helps with pushes and objectives, Photon Barrier on the other hand is suppose to block skillshots and attack damages, but it might be hard to do in development, likely buggy too but I added it to the idea anyway.

Feel free to leave a feedback.


I really like the hero concept, but the Photon Shield “remove an death” seems a little OP. Maybe give a duration of 30 seconds?


I don’t think it particularly OP at a glance… But what I do think is it’d probably feel uninteractive once all your allies are shielded unless they die, it’d find a use at the beginning of the game then become practically moot. I think it should be moved to a secondary ability slot for a more active ability to take it’s place, or made itself more interactive in its execution.

Otherwise great concept I’ll agree!


I’m unsure, the shield amount isn’t as large as most shields, so it wouldn’t be too powerful.

Symmetra can be built to be just passive or actively participating, however I’ll take a look at this.

Her level 1 Photon Recharge got a tooltip update, since it might be confusing, but it’s suppose to make her more active.

EDIT: Actually, I might make it so her E can basically just restore the shields.


Carwash was a fun read
Weakling link seems overpowered

Thanks for the feedback, keep in mind the Turrets only have 116 health and can be removed with 2 (3) Basic Attacks, or with an AOE spell.

It’s not stated, but they only have 5.5 range.

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I love this ability. Reminds me Fenix’s trait but little version.


PHoton shield I’m a wee bit concerned about because I’m envisioning a lot of scenario’s where it will do more then you think it will, 185 extra health is more then you give it credit for and a lot of otherwise squishy heroes can take that extra health and run it very far. The idea of an entire team being that much bigger just by Sym existing is kind of horrifying


Agreed on that. Not too many shields in the game, with the latest Tass rework.

Isn’t it a little bit too small? Can she defend herself in any way besides Photon Barrier and trait?

Does it pass the enemies or hits the first which orb collided with? Does it pass obstacles? Does it work on structures such as towers and keeps? What size is the orb? What is the maximum range of its flight?

In what radius around Symmetra?

What’s the raduis of the turret?

By what amount of time?

Is there any point of reapplying it since it’s “till-death-do-us-part-permanent” bonus?

What shape and size?

How far can it move?

Only once per Photon Barrier cast or each time they pass the barrier?

Returning to the shape and size: is it something similar to a wall or a bubble?

And how long will that barrier lasts?

Is Symmetra allowed to have multiple Teleporters? How long one Teleporter lasts?

Referring to her health: i’m not sure she’ll be in a position to stand still and maintain her attack long enough to survive any enemy cast.

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No. Too OP, and stealth heroes have it rough as it is, anyway.

Otherwise, this is kind of cool!

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I didn’t want Symmetra to just give 125 Shields, considering she had multiple nerfs back in beta or alpha I think in Overwatch, where she can give 75 Shields, then nerfed to 50, then nerfed to 25 where it stood at launch.

Which was useless, considering, since HotS has shield breaking talents, it doesn’t make sense to just turn it into like 75 Shield and what not.

The size of the orb depends on how long you charged it for, at minimum it’s really tiny and at maximum, it’s big enough. It didn’t say on the tooltip that it stops on the first enemy it hits.

2.75 range and she has a 0.5 seconds animation of making the turret. The attack range of the Turret is 5.5 exactly.

Kinda like Tassadar’s beam that slows?

Reapply the shield amount. It seems I have to redo the tooltip again.

Only once per Photon Barrier.

and the barrier lasts until it reaches maximum range.

That’s how it looks like, but probably smaller in HotS.

Her Teleporter is like the Ultralisk summon or the Evolved Monstrosity, she can only have one and the cooldown starts going down once the summon is destroyed or removed.

To answer both Photon Barrier and Photon Orb, they both have the maximum range of 10.

Thanks for the feedback, I added the reveal because her voicelines in Overwatch back then was “Intruder detected” when a Turret attacks an enemy.

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Thanks for the answers! I’m kind of satisfied by them. One more question: how did you add those small pictures in your posts? Have you cropped them from OW?

I oppose the idea of giving Perma shields, I’m okay with temp shields as a support power but wasting an ability on perma shields that can’t be balanced is just… no please no
If you want her to grant perma shields to allies go for the small 50 number and make it a passive trait generated from her that goes away when whe’s killed.

If you have a stall comp it might be problematic, maybe 30%

You might as well call it a plastic barrier, if it’s just 50. It seems you’re forgetting that it can’t be healed.

Stall comp? And which 30% exactly? The damage, turret or shielding?

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Or just don’t add it at all, that’s kind of my point, I don’t think you can balance this to be good without being just annoing, I also think wasting a spell on something that is so passive and almost never gets used is also a bad idea hence the suggestion if you want to keep it to make it a passive

I think he’s reffering to the perma slow form the turrets, it could enable a lot of annoying stuff for poke comps

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Dmg reduction

Imagine a tracer diablo genji or any hero dashing in and having a 40% dmg reduction which can be also slowed later
Then imagine that is on lvl 4

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I could just make it so the Turrets have a 6% damage reduction and it can stack with one another.

It gets stale if there’s nothing new to add in HotS, especially a challenge where there isn’t a healer at all.

First of all, it can be re-applied to recharge the Shields so if the shield is at 25 and the maximum amount is 175, it can “heal” back its Shields by +175.

Shielding heroes existed as far as I’m concerned, with permanent Shields, Fenix and Probius even if it’s a talent.

While it seems powerful that it can be applied on Heroes that is squishy, it can also be a reminder that it’s a Shield, the best to “balance it” is to reduce it to 140 Shield amount, at that point at least it’d still be capable of doing something. (I however, will change the shield regeneration time to regen)

Poke damage hinders the shield’s regeneration as well, and considering HotS, there’s a lot of them.

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I like that more.
Would be cool if She was a reverse probius

Probius can increase aa or spell dmg on 13
What if she has the oppisite?

Either reduce spell or aa dmg

It’s an interesting idea, but I can only provide that on level 4 since it’s the

Utility / Restoration tier

The Basic Attack talent = Shield is meant for auto attack damage oriented build, or “Bruiser build”.

The Sentry Shield recharge talent = Shield to heal Shields.

Damage reduction talent = Utility to help out teammates if you have a healer.

You’ve given me some ideas to shift up that damage reduction in other ways though.