-600 MMR penalty after game bug (hangup)


Hello there, the second time it occurs. The second time I lost -600 MMR due to game client’s bug. The first time if was kind of disconnect from the Blizzard services and when I get it back I was dropped from the game and lost -600 MMR as a penalty. It was in previous season.

Today I got the bug when I was in party with another friend and ranked match has started. But right after it’s started my client hangs up for about a minute. My friend then get back to Ranked game page (where’s “ready” button) with me in “playing a game” status. After the hanging ends I get back to the LOBBY screen where I see zero on pick timer and can’t do anything - the timer is zero, heroes can not be picked, game will never start 'cause there’s nobody in the lobby anymore, it’s obviously dropped and with me stuck in the lobby screen.

So what should I do in this situation, Blizzard how do u think? I tried to remove my friend from party and make it again but it didn’t work, what else can I do? There’s no options like - refresh the client state or something like.

So, I just shutdown my client via windows task manager and restarted it. And (sic) - I got -600 MMR and 1 QM ban as if I am kind of leaver or troll or something like.
Why? If server already knows that there’s no match then why must I get that penalty at all?

As result -1200 MMR due to Blizzard bugs, Thx guys I think now I just need tryhard my league more 'cause there’s no way to get my points back or fix this stupid bug sometime.


I had excatly same problem repeated twice this weekend. I started a SL match and the client closed when i was on the lobby. I didn’t lose my connection to internet, only blizzard server. It didn’t allow me to rejoin both times as it was draft time and game assume I simply left the game. Lost 1200 MMR. I’m currently playing in Low Master Rank and these loses hurts quite a lot.


I also got today same problem but was really strange error get when i sit in lobby. this error says another computer using your account and got disconnect and i know no one know my password so its mean it was bug or some one hack my account ? Can blizzard check what happen and 4 games leaver stats + -600 rank point can restore?


I’m happy to know that I’m not alone with such problems. So it would be great to hear any Blizzard consideration about that.

And if you read this and have similar trouble - please write here about it so this topic could be considered by Blizzard as a significant one.

Disconnected in Draft losing 600 points...STILL


I also just experienced this. I was in a draft and two people on my team showed picks, we needed to select 2 characters, suddenly I got booted out of draft with a message saying I was idle timeout, so I was taken out of draft.

But 3 of us weren’t showing anything, I ended up losing 600 points.

Is this a bug? What can be done to fix this issue?

Please help it seems very unfair. I’ve played games where I didn’t show my pick, this has never happened before, why did I get penalized?


Hey all,

Based on the description, it sounds like the local game client is desyncing from our servers due to packet loss while in queue. The best way to verify this would be to run this winMTR report while the issue is happening.

That said, since it sounds to be pretty rare I do understand that might be a little difficult. My advice would be to start the test before joining queue the first time, and leave it running while you play the game. You can always start/stop the test between games to ensure it is running before you queue each time.

If the issue does NOT happen while the test is running, the test will not contain the data we need. So feel free to discard any that do not contain a snapshot of the issue. That way the issue is not obscured.

Be sure to post any winMTR results in a quote to help reduce clutter. It should look like this.


Disconnected in Draft losing 600 points...STILL

Is there anyway to get my points back? Losing 600 points when it was someone else makes this really discouraging


Man i dont care about data blizzard needs, something like they dont care about us losing our points


Our points are gone , who cares hahahaha. As long as we still play this game blizzard is happy