5 Stacks in QM - Some Stats

There is always a lot of talk about 5 stacks in QM, and whether or not they are fairly matched. So out of curiosity and in an effort to generate some evidence, I uploaded all of my QM games from yesterday into Heroes Profile, as it tracks parties as part of its stats. I normally play in a group from 3-5 people (I guess I have a lot of friends), but we mostly just play what we want, and while we try for balanced comps, we rarely go for cheese comps or super meta heroes.

Here are the quick snapshots from each, and which hero I played.













So, a few things to note:

  • 5 stacks very rarely get matched against 5 randoms. The smallest group I faced yesterday was a 2 stack and 3 randoms. This was at an odd hour (about 10 am PST), so it is likely there were fewer parties queuing.

  • 5 stacks do not always win. I freely admit I did have a good run yesterday, but there were times we were a 4+1 and beat a 5 stack, or lost as a 5 stack. It absolutely helps, you know you won’t have flamers/feeders/afkers, but it isn’t a free win.

  • I play too much HotS.


People complain about 5 stacks versus 5 solos but being a 2 stack playing versus 5 stacks with random MMrs is wayyyy worse than having 5 solos with close or better MMR

That’s the best way I can sum up playing as 5.

Go ahead, try it. It’s not free wins until you are on some kind of a new account and even then, it’s free wins only for a while.

After a while and a win streak, you will run into some seriously high MMR people who will crush you, no matter how much you coordinate stuff with pings or voice chat.

What it is 100% of the time is less stress though. You never have to deal with that person leaving randomly, dying 14 times or going afk.

I won’t accept proofs, logic nor facts if they don’t support my upset emotions which try to protect my ego! >.>


I wonder what it’s like being able to crush people in HotS (or anything, for that matter). :thinking: :man_shrugging: :persevere:

It’s that sweet feel when we try our best in every teamfight yet they wipe us in 4 seconds. All our skillshots or ults cleansed, mitigated or blocked. Left wondering what on Earth just happened.

Then I realize they were just better players.

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What elo are you? 20

Lol wut

12 game sample.

On top of that, No one complains about 5 mans vs 4 mans. Lol. 5 man vs 4 man is what everyone wants cause its deemed fair lol.

Smh at proving 5 man vs 4 man is fair.

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Hehe, after I leave you got another Orphea.

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I don’t think 5 stacks in QM are as powerful as 5 stacks in ranked though. I think 5 stacks in QM are fine, since it is still very random and you don’t know the map, so you can get bad comps for the map like we had in that BoE game the other day. Our comp was good for literally every map except BoE.

Lies. And maybe slander.

Dunno how you slander yourself, but, well… idk. This was supposed to be funny.

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I don’t believe Hoku said anything about “fair” or that their sample was perfect.

Just that the issue that most people seem to have with “5 stacks” is that “they always win” which their small sample shows simply is not true.

Unless you’re suggesting that every 5 stack besides the ones that hoku is in win 100% of their games?

I dunno, feel like you’re reading way to much into her OP.

And I’m reading WAY to much into your post, to be fair.


Imo, 5stacks can only have an advantage above others if they have a working “nonmeta” comp in mind, making all of your bans technically useless.

But that’s also not a guaranteed win.

It is just the coordination man :confused:
You can have any comp, but with coordination and proper shotcalling you just roll over any solo stacks :confused:

I experienced decent lvl of coordination from randos as well. Be it my team or the enemy which I checked with surprise after the match to find out they were not in party.

Having fixed, trustworthy allies you are somewhat familiar with is obviously an advantage, but overall, this advantage evens out to an acceptable lvl on the long run.

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the best coordination I recall having is in QM with randos.

a game in every few hundred (mid-hundreds?) I find i end up on teams where we wordlessly seem to just “get” what we’re planning to do.

Randoms can coordinate stuff, sure. We have this sometimes.

But 5 stacking is just another level :confused: Like, there is nothing faster than shotcalling in voicechat with people you are already familiar with and just rolling over the enemy team without them having even a chance.

Fan plays against 5 stacks all the time in master/gm, he often tries to shotcall in chat but most of the time those games lead to a loss anyway just because 5 stacking is that good. Yesterday he stacked in 1 game against a 5 stack, and they won with A LOT of hard work. It was extremely close game and they only had a chance because he was shotcalling in chat and everyone was on the same page.

5 stacks are not invincible, but 5 stacking gives you such a strong advantage against solo queuers…


There are so many smurfs in QM it’s unbelievable, level 20-40’s stacking together who are obvious d1+'s from previous seasons.

Nobody can beat these people except maybe an even higher MMR 5stack.


Are 5stacks a problem? Nope.
Smurfs? Yes.

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Agree. People take it as we have problems with people wanting to play together. That’s not a problem. The problem is not having a fair RANKED gamemode.

Ranked is supposed to be serious and competitive, but 5 stacks against solos is not even close to it :confused: