3001 Post Melke AMA

I’m bored and I just realized I was at 3k exactly when I made this

I”m a wild Qhira main who supports the Master Race pandarens, with a tendancy to go REEEEE under certain circumstances.
I’m also the person behind The Prodigal Daughter (HOTS fanfiction)

Ask me anything Forums


Which move is super effective against you?


What’s best build for u quira . And Orphea too

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Define Move,
I would say there are 5 heroes who can screw over my Qhira to the point I can’t play against them
Tracer, Lunara, Arthas, Malfurion and Brightwing
These 5 are the heroes I cannot even attempt Qhira into, I’m also very cautious about lucio due to tspeed boost.

I am quite fond of the AA build it’s what I find myself going the most because I often time run her with the intent of tank busting during team fights
With that in mind the build is FInishing Tough at 1, Your Pain My Gain and 4, the Thirst at 7, Final Strike at 10, The Hunted at 13, Booming Kick at 16 and No Sanctuary at 20

That said there is plenty of room for adaptation in her talent tree based on circumstances, the W build is viable but requires a different playstyle to get the most effect out of.

As for Orphea, I am NOT the person to ask about Orphea I know next to nothing about her talent tree.

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What is the story behind your forum name.

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Not to bother you :smiley: but 3000k means 3mio posts. I think you meant 3k.


Why Malfurion? :interrobang:

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Melke was a creature card from a card game called Chaotic
He was only a common card but in spite of this i had a copy of him that had close to the highest statline he could have, as a result he survived as one of my go-to frontliners for 2 expansions past where he was released before power creep got to him.
NO one ever expected a 45 damage Slowsand from Melke to one shot their frontliners hehe

Shhhhhhhhh it’s been fixxed

Any halfway decent malfurion can punish her worse then most other supports for any and all uses of revolving sweep with his roots, not to mention the silence AND the fact his heal over time completely denies all of Qhira’s Bleed damage if he’s okay.


When do you wanna play together? And who shall I play?
Also did you know your li li isnt a healer thread is the one thread that always pops up when I open the forums

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In a few days once my family is done messing about with the internet. My battle tag is Melke#1420 and I play on U.S

Do I sound like the kind of A-hole that commands what others play?
That said if you wanted to stroke my ego you’d play Qhira and let me try to coach XD

Considering i don’t even remember that thread, no I did not

Also thanks for the like on the fanfiction :slight_smile:

What was your first fanfiction story about.

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You accepted me last week :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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The very first one?
That was written oh about 10 years ago, it will never see the light of day, ever it was awful
It was about a mary sue character named Melke who leads a group of HOrde and Alliance defeating deathwing and bringing peace
AFter that the oldest one people can still find would be a story called Amrageddon AFtermath which was a story where i post (sometimes still do) Versus battles.


If you could go on a date with any hero to any of the current battlegrounds, who and where would you choose, and why? Romanticize the answer… make me want to experience what you experience.

^ This falls under the AMA category! :smiley:

Also, in honor of your fanfiction, I’m going to write a fanfiction of you!

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Does it disqualify me if I said Qhira and based it off of things I would reveal in my fanfiction that tells her backstory? Because if not then I’d say Qhira, and it would start in Sky Temple but we’d go to Blackhearts bay for a drink after.

If Not I’d say Nova and we’d go on a hunting trip in Kings Crest.


If you could created your own hero in hots how should it be.

Imma make you a Lili… I’ll post it in its own thread, just for you! Be on the look out for it. I’ll tag you when I’m done.

Okay so if we’re talking Blizzrd heroes I would have to say Mercy, and I think the big thing for her would be swapping between pistol stance (which would feature abilities that reduce outgoing damage baseline) and her stance, she would be suscpetible to blinds but be by far the most mobile support

However if you want to hear about an original,
I have a base concept for an Iresian named Zeraq, I based him off of two of my favourite villains from Fiction, Brackus from Di-gata Defenders and Lex Luthor,

He would be a healer who uses “Cyber Blood 2.0” where Qhira’s bleed daamge is Cyber Blood 1.0 ,
A lot of the design would be based on shock and awe tactics, where he’s mage like in the sense that his abilities have a lot of flare even if somewhat more simple, and applies a dot that heals a teammate of his choosing for 200% of the daamge dealt.

I need to redo his concept without the restrictions of a CDC but the only thing I am sure will stay is the Ultiamte, a new take on a Nano boost, where the target deals 40% more damage, but that 40% is applied as a damage over time, and then that damage over itme heals the lowest health ally within range for 100 % the damage dealt.

Go nuts my friend

Does it make you feel frustrated and disappointed when you are playing with me? :upside_down_face: :upside_down_face: :upside_down_face:


You, Lena and Xiv gave me a game where we went from being the Chasseurs Arrdenais to being the Ghost Division in a matter of 30 seconds,
I would say no I am not dissappointed.

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