25 MMR point for a victory

Earlier I was getting about 100-300 MMR points for a win, but now I’m getting only 25 points for a single victory. It feels like something went wrong. Can you hep me with that?

Did you make it down to bronze 5?
In terms of wins, a rank is 25 wins, but B5 is wider by taking more points to traverse. It’s just a compression, moving most everyone down (compared to not having it).

Yeap, I’m B5.
It’s very strange, because earlier 2 wins or 2 loses made a rank up/downgrade.

Alright. Then it’s just new intel for you :slight_smile:
Either you were above the threshold before, or whenever your MMR is loose, you gain more points. For most ranks, it’s 500 instead of 200, I don’t know what happens in B5.

What I normally say about B5:

  • If you are good, you just earned some easier matches where you can shine. I hope you won’t meet many trolls.
  • If you are not, but you are learning, then enjoy the path of improvement and the resulting climb.
  • Otherwise, just consider the mode Draft. (QM also has MMR, it’s just not visible.) Little point to stress about it, I do too often, but unless it drives you to learn, it’s just wasted steam, often resulting in downskilling self. The main point of seeing it is awareness and clarity. However, as people tend to move around a lot, it’s not clear cut either.

Either way, have fun around!

Thank you so much! Yesterday I played about 20 games and my MMR doesn’t changed