2019 Ranked Season 1 Info?


What kind of news? Like dates and rewards?

Season 1/2019 starts next neek.


Next week? Not in January?

Why is it always so hard to find what mounts are given as a reward for the current season…


Mount rewards are always shown in the ranked season update post.


Yeah, also it is buried deep into news history.


Yeah, it’s next week. IIRC, it’s always been like that :thinking:

To find about the mounts and dates, I usually just google “hots ranked season 4 2018” and the first link is usually the one.
They could add something in the game about mounts/dates/rewards though :thinking:


Is it next season they letting tl que with solo? Which will be the death of Ranked.


Solo que vs solos only is still an option but as TL is now popular than HL it might be a dead option


They would not combine them then, let you pick only play vs solo or vs premade team. That would just be tl and hl again.


Its basically a reskin and removing TL rank which is a joke anyway, only having 1 rank and what i have heard also some party rank restrictions and rank anchoring.


We don’t agree often? But on this we are in complete accord.


tbh an ‘events calendar’ wouldnt be a bad idea for the site itself. it would mean they actually have to maintain it, but for the sake of sanity for everyone here it would be very nice. this is something GGG does for Path of Exile. it was always something i found to be very nice as a feature. they would post the seasons… different race events… unique events… etc. these would be announced in game through system messages obviously and you could always see them on the forum too. however, you might forget about or not see the system messages at any given time. so the calendar was there always and you could click on the events to take you directly to the forum post.


Ya I got a feeling it is going to be pre mades vs solo ques wth the (option) to que solo or with a team.

The top players will be premades with the argument of make more friends. With the counter arguement I dont want to spend time making pretend internets friends. Followed by AI and qm being the main focus of solo ques.

Leaving ranked the wasteland tl is now.


No, ranked changes are not for season 1/2019. They haven’t announced when these will come, but hopefully we have them for season 2/2019.

I don’t think it will be the death of ranked. What I actually think it will happen is we will have faster queue times (especially for minor regions) and better games. Other mobas already have only 1 ranked mode for both solo and team queue and they work just fine.

You should make a thread about that tbh. It is a pretty amazing idea.


Good point, if everyone in high ranks start to play with premades the solo players up high will never find a game with their peers.

In lower than diamond its probably fine and all but if yoi have half the GMs playing premades and half solo, both will hqve hour ques before being matched with low masters.

In low ranks it wont show as much as you have so many players but this just might mess up master+ really hard.

Basically in Master+ ticking solo only is possibly a “give an hour que” option.

I get a feeling Blizzard didnt really think this through that well.

Edit: We are going to need more info to know anything, right now all that we have written down is: combining 2 leagues, visible MMR, less placements and no promo or demo matches.


idk man had to be shown already im waiting it too


good they released the rewards and the dates

BUT we cant see the rewards and we already knew the dates

so whats the point blizzard?

u too busy playing diablo immortal?



no mention of the HL/TL merge?


No, not yet. IIRC it should be coming for season 2/2019 or season 3/2019.