0 exp in aram game


just played an aram game and after 48 min
i got 0 exp !

i read on reddit that there is a bug
when you should get over 524,288 exp u get 0

Yes, if you get over that much experience in game you will get 0 when the game ends. This would require being at level 30 for well over 10 minutes which is near impossible to maintain in a non-all the same hero (degenerate) PvP match where people are actively trying to win.

You can still earn more experience from the match due to multipliers. Versus AI hour farming it is not unusual to get over 900,000 experience per game from 500,000 (max) base experience and then team multipliers.

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I just had this happen to me. I was in a 45minute ARAM game that had us at level 30 for a long time. When i got out, i was given 50k exp and no other bonuses. It even consumed my first win of the day.