Zephrys should offer jaraxxus against control decks


Please have Zephrys offer Jaraxxus against control decks. You can make it so if he is played when you have little cards left in the late game he offers it. Seems like he can detect this already whenever he offers Tirion or Ysera which are okay but Jaraxxus should be an option too.


8 mana cap but I understand why they rotated vanish it would always be an option.


I didn’t know there was an 8 mana cap. I heard people could get Jaraxxus if their health was low in the late game as it sees it as healing (haven’t experienced this myself tho)

Good catch with Vanish, I didn’t think about that one. It would literally be unlimited board reset.


Yeah I think he will be rly good in wild but I don’t play it… I’ve seen people get pyro if the enemy below 10 and they cast him with only 2 mana maybe it’s same thing with jaxx but If you have full mana 8 is cap it offers.


there isnt a 8 mana cap


You literally can get Jaraxxus, there’s no 8 mana cap. But he sucks anyway, since if your opponent plays Zeph too they get Sacrifical Pact and kill you.


Yeah I got Pyro turn 9 one time going to turn 10 for exact lethal. Never got offered Jaraxxus though, he’s only ever needed against Warrior I think. Zephrys should offer him more especially against Warrior. There’s 3 slots anyway and some are just bad like Argus or Brightwing.


Maybe Zephrys could have access to current meta stats to be able to actually predict your match-ups through remembering every card played. Though, it’s probably not a feasible idea due to its maintenance requirement (as the meta usually shifts every 3 months) and its complex encoding.