Zephrys should offer Jaraxxus against control decks


Zephrys works most of the time but it should offer Jaraxxus as one of the options especially against control decks especially when opponent has no board. Tirion works as one option but Jaraxxus should also be an option. You should cut down with Defender of Argus or Hound Master always showing up.

A good way the algorythm would detect an opponent as a control deck would be to check the turn timer or cards remaining in deck as well as opponent having little to no board.


I have yet to see an instance where this card doesn’t give you the best card for the play. It’s beyond retarded for a 3 cost card regardless of deck requirements and the mere fact rogues can play this like 3-4 times per game is just speechless. Making it award cards costing over 8 mana is not necessary and it would just be used to abuse on pyroblast and some even more stupid faceroll plays.