Your MMR system is trash

I am a casual player, i have no gold heroes, maybe 400 wins in total. Yet I am placed in games vs 1000 win heroes regularly and gold heroes literally 80% the time.

How is my MMR putting me against SUPER experienced players?!

This is garbage if this is how it is going to be going forward.


Do you even know what MMR is friend?


There is no way someone with 1000+ on ONE hero is at the same MMR as someone who has half that across all their decks.

There is no way someone that experienced in the game is at the same level as me. The match making is clearly busted.


So what if someone played tons of games 3 years ago then came back?
What if they are just generally bad at strategy games or the game in general?

Wins don’t automatically equal skill. Some people play nothing but meme decks and dont try to win at all…

Which is why I’m asking if you know what MMR is. MMR definitely decays in this game, your rank does, so why wouldnt that?


So you know all the players I am against have not played in X years huh? Or just play meme decks except against me when they are playing on meta decks?

That is a ridiculous assumption.


I don’t have any gold heroes and I beat 2 different 500 ranked win players…but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re good. I myself could (eventually, over time) get a gold portrait by hanging around Bronze - Gold for example.


You say your wins would total maybe 400. Ask yourself, what would be your total loses? Lets say for argument’s sake it’s also about 400. That gives you roughly a 50% win-rate.
Your opponents have golden portraits. with over a thousand wins. Ask yourself, how many loses do they have? If they have 1.5k wins and 1.5k losses, their win-rate would also be about 50%.

In this hypothetical, if their average rank was rank 7 with a 50% win-rate and your average rank was rank 7 with a 50% win-rate, your MMR’s should be close to each other. The difference is how much the two of you played. You played 800 games, they played 3k games. You both averaged to rank 7 with a 50% winrate. Your skills are the same, despite the number of games you played.

Keep in mind, I don’t have the numbers. This is all hypothetical. Maybe the MMR IS wrong. There is the possibility that people are being evaluated incorrectly. There is also the possibility that the MMR is correct. The possibility that your skills are even, you just play far less often than your opponent does.


More ridiculous than yours?

If wins mattered that much, why not just match people against people close to their level of wins instead of using an MMR system at all?

That’s actually a pretty good point.

Missing the point.

I should not be placed against people with that level of experience.

Regardless of win rates, they have 100s of hours of additional experience I don’t have.

You guys seem to think win rates are all that should matter in match making, which is objectively wrong. I know how this current MMR system works, I don’t need a patronising explanation.

Experience is what matters more than just MMR based on your win rate only.


Some of the people I have played against I suspect it has taken them 10000 games to get the golden portrait, its not a measure of skill, only time spent playing.

As for experience, you can learn to play this game well in a week with all the resources and net deck sites out there.

I do agree the MMR seems off though, I’ve been playing vs top 16 legend players while trying to climb despite only finishing 1750 legend last season.


My friend who has been playing this game for 3+ years, still reads what their hero power does. They aren’t stupid, this game just does not click for them.

Do not underestimate lol.


So, what I’m reading is that you’re upset that you’re as good as other players who have been playing the game far longer than you. You’re right, how dare you be as good as other players?


If you still can’t see what’s wrong with your argument, you will never understand what mmr is.


Just because someone has a 1000 win hero, doesn’t mean they’re a great player. It could just mean they grind for many hours a day and played for a long time with the same class.

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Buuuh, logic!?! Get out of here! XD


The game has been out for 7 years.

Golden heroes are super common. 1000 wins portraits are also common at ranks 5-Legend.

I, myself, have around 1700 wins on each classes, I don’t even think 1000 portraits are a big deal.

Yeah, golden portraits aren’t an indicator of skill.

I mean, look at Haz, he has like 5! But he’s a frog!

So tell yourself, If even some frog has 5 gold portraits, then they can’t be that big a deal.


Ribbit! 20 characters my dudes


Number of wins doesn’t mean anything