Would you recommend Hearthstone to your friend?

3-4 Years ago, i would tell my wife to start playing Hearthstone, that it is good card game, if not the best.

Nowadays, I would not recommend it to anyone.
there are other cards game, that are cheaper and as fun as hearthstone now. If not even funnier.

Hearthstone is not player friendly; Because it is just too expensive.
Honestly i would send friends to runeterra rather than hearthstone. Because in hearthstone you need to invest too much money to be able to enjoy different classes.

Playing the game doesn’t feel rewarding, you don’t even know what do you play for. you play for 2 hours and you don’t feel rewarded at all.

the game is ridiculously out of balance with too much power creep.

Blizzard is not trying to balance the game overall, they are only trying to make some classes more powerful than other in different expansion.
Ex. last expansion was class X not good at all, so next expansion class X will be on the top. This is how they are trying to balance the game.

So No, i would not recommend this game.

I either tell them to play MTGA or LoR.

No, I can’t recommend HS to anyone without having a guilty conscience. Getting
into Hearthstone is tough enough, but holding onto it is even harder.

I recently spoke to an old friend about the free adventures in HS that he was new to. He took a very quick look at the game, then was out again.

I think these should be one of the entry points to HS with rewards while playing it, to get started in the game…

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No but i would recommend it to my enemies.


I honestly don’t. its crazy i play this game probably more than a lot of my other games and my room mates always ask me about it and if they should get into and i honestly tell them no because the game just doesn’t seem new player friendly or friendly to people who dont want to spend on it.

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If my friends were super rich I would be tempted…

…But the last thing HS needs is more P2W whales to cater their monetary systems to

So no

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Every time a friend ask me about HS i tell them not to start and give them my reasons why. It is too expensive and the powercreep is insane. It is not worth it at all and starting as a F2P player is basicly useless as you wont be competitive untill atleast 2 rotations have happened.


Not unless I was trying to get a skin or something tangible I could milk my poor friend for as hearthstone is a exorbitantly expensive and frustrating experience!

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probably yes if hes interested in card games and about the battle pass ill rpobably tell them "dont worry they prety much never get those right the first try itll get better "

6 weeks after starting MTGA I have multiple competative decks and I’m almost to mythic level. only $20 spent on 2 super cheap, value packed starter bundles.


nope would not…already told a few friends that activision can burn for making ppl work like slaves…aka forced 24/7 playing to get shinies…require 5000$ investment to even be competitive(aka have a chance to win games at all)… on top of being new players unfriendly…and uhh that goes for all games that activision put their filthy hands on because they ruined the entirety of the blizzard games…i had my doubth with them breaking hs but this last expansion just proved they have monkeys as workers…i prefer ship my friends to Sega games where they actually worship they’re player and add everything they ask for in(well almost everything) lol and no slavery needed like what activision is doing to their player base


This game hates new players, and this question is like “would you recommend drugs to you friends” why the hell would i want to introduce my “friends” to this game where there is the slightest possibility that they will fall for the predatory practices to take everysingle cent from the player base and loose a lot of money. I mean they are my friends after all i dont want to see them get scamed.

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Not a chance I recommend this to anyone.
If years ago I wasn’t a no life heartsthone addict and grinded so much that now I have a good enough collection, dust and gold I would have also completely quit by now.

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I don’t even feel comfortable telling people I play HS and even less so how much I wasted on it.


No, I wouldn’t. HS gets worse with every xpac.

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No! Do not recomend to anyone.

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Nope, I am actually actively researching other ccgs, something I thought would not likely happen. I have never had 0 fun until this revamp being forced into play modes I find dull to get new packs.

Kind of off topic but “would you recommend something to your friend” is quite a good question to ask oneself frequently.


Yes cuz its more fun to play with other real friends. Would insert my negativity here :stuck_out_tongue:

I would not recommend Hearthstone in its current state to any of my friends or online acquaintances.

If they were dead set on a card based game, I’d point them towards Griftlands unless they absolutely needed something to play against other players. At that point I’d tell them they were on their own as I don’t feel any of the CCGs are worth the money or time in their current states for new players.