World of Warcraft Feedback

can’t post on WoW forum unless i sub again but the news did reach me so(can’t send tickets either to WoW devs to provide them the feedback)

so i heard from some of the blizzcon announcements from a guildy(guild master) in discord and some of what was said was enticing(like transmog being acquirable by a single char)…but thats not enough to make me sub again…if you want me to SUB AGAIN then i be doing so if the following come to pass as well

here what i would love if i’am to come back

1- craftables from past expensions to have they’re cost reduce by 1-5X the materials they use to cost

current expansion crafts should be no more expensive than what MoP//Draenor crafts cost were…expensions that came after that were way too much work to acquire and were discouraging to even try to get

whenever a new expension come out, reduce the craft cost of the previous expension gear by half, and 2 expension later by 1/3

2- world drops, make an item that boost worlds drop rate…the item should be acquire only by player who completed at least 65% of the transmog collecting(as a way to help them complete their collection)…
how should it work ?
old expansion(400% drop rate)(example 0.01% base(0.05% after)
old expansion legendaries(+150% drop rate)
current expansion(+50% drop rate)(example 0.01%)(0.015% after)
this effect will NOT apply to legendaries drops during current expension

3- no-longer acquirable items from Classic to MoP
add a special shop in game awarding special currency to be able to acquire them(more friendly than the Black Market)
that special currency should be given once per week if the player logging
and also rewarded for doing some content(complete daily given by npc x)

these 5 expansions had no transmog wardrobe and players may not have foreseen it coming…so give players a second chance to get these old items(maybe even give these items an HD remaster in the process)

4- lastly…plz no more absurdly low drop rate items, mounts, toy…be considerate of our available play time…i’am a no lifer and it was just too much in some cases…at least provide a way for collectors to have a boost on drops…the sight of a rare mount will still be rare if its only acquire by lucky players and collectors…just no more camping design(its way too boring like that)…

if most of those are met(especially for crafts materials cost)…count me back for subbing