Won't Update doesn't progress

I have been waiting for Hearthstone to update. It is stuck in the intializing stage and doesn’t progress. Have tried to restart multiple times.


Same. Now on full 2nd day of unable to initialize the game, even after deleting app, hard restarts, and reinstalling 3-4 times.

May have been said before or not . Try pausing the update and then restarting it.
I have had this happen multi times and it seems to work for me , using those option of deleting/repairing the app id not do unless its at all cost of your time.

The last time i did a full uninstall it took beyond the normal time I would of expected and then i had to do some code to fix the client. Fyi don’t repair unless you absolutely have to.

As far as iOS goes….it is not possible to even do so what you are suggesting.

not a iOS user but i read around of different users resolving this problem disabling iCloud Private Relay , mb re-enable it later.

Appreciate the suggestion, believe me …as Blizzard is typically absent.
But never had Private Relay enabled (still in Beta). Did enable and disable just to see if by fluke it might work, but didn’t.

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