Winter Veil Returns with Snow-Covered Celebrations

Winter Veil Returns with Snow-Covered Celebrations

Learn more about the upcoming Winter Veil festivities!

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Dear Blizzard team!!! :star:

Thank You for:

  1. Winter Veil event… This is my favourite celebration in game and I waited it with impatience… Every day I visit “Hearthstone” home page and looked through all news… And now I’m reading this long awaited news!!! :star2:
  2. Festive Skins… I want to supplement my collection and now I have the really good opportunity to buy amazing heroes skins!!! :+1:
  3. Snowman Thrall skin… This new look is really charming and the snowman is so heartwarming and cute!!! His eyes are so sweet!!! I really want to start playing with him!!! Thank You for that wonderful present!!! :boom:
  4. Legendary quests… Excellent opportunity to get new packs and supplement my collection with new cards!!! :dizzy:
  5. Kel’Thuzad’s kitty - Mr. Bigglesworth… His eyes are so sweet!!! He and his owner smile and look very happy!!! I really want to buy!!! :gift:

Wish You a Merry Christmas and a happy new 2022 year!!! :christmas_tree: :confetti_ball:


That face… The wild fearsome smile of a adorable kitty with all it’s sharp fangs ready to leap it’s way into our hearts, so cute!!!

{… you’re probably… going to sell it as a big skin, but I mean the artist is so cute! I hope you hire the artist to make more adorable beast cards, that Kept his ad’s kitty is adorable lol! I love the little monsters. Mine that sold me, i didnt even own or search for em. A feral barn cat had wild kittens in the woods that saw and walked through a open window I left for air. Tried to steal some chicken, {It was hidden… But they realized human weakness when caught in the act… Cuteness to get away with any failed attempted foodnab attempt!} The semi feral kittens quickly became accidentally domesticated into little face launching purr parrots and shirt climbers bapping, purring and hunting. Hehe. Adorable!)

Oh joy, another free orc. For once, could you give us a choice on the free skin and dump the others in the bundle? Please?

Pretty please with naruu shards on top?!

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So when will this quest show up?


When is it live for each region?

Probably a Matt Dixon piece

  1. The first surprise was yesterday when I went online in the game and saw the new look of box!!! It looks really amazing!!! Wind was blowing and big snowflakes were falling… The mood is really festive!!! :snowflake:
  2. The second surprise was a present the Snowman Thrall!!! I enjoy him so much!!! With that new shaman skin I started to complete new legendary quests… I think that the Snowman Thrall is a lucky hero and brings the luck because I won first five fights!!! :snowman_with_snow:
  3. The third surprise was from earned card packs!!! Today I got in my collection new rare, epic and legendary cards!!! Now I can start completing new achievements from “Fractured in Alterac Valley”!!! :star2:
  4. I visited the game shop and there were so many cosmetic bundles with favourite heroes skins!!! Each character created very talented!!! Developers don’t forget the feature of each character and also give them something new for festive look!!! :+1:
  5. I think that Blizzard team did a very amazing work during the Year of the Gryphon!!! I want to wish Blizzard team to have a very good rest during the Christmas holidays!!! :christmas_tree: :gift: :fireworks:
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You may want to dial it back a little. It would be a tad more convincing.

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So, the mech one was made individual, so people could buy the ones they actually wanted but this one gets bundled up all funky so people get stuck with a ton of options they don’t want.

Yep, happy winter veil indeed.

  1. This morning I participated in a very funny tavern brawl - Gift Exchange… It’s a very entertaining and amusing competition!!! I really enjoy to open boxes and look what kind of presents are there!!! :gift:
  2. At next week I dream to meet a Great Father Kobold and see how he will deliver presents!!! I really want to take part in the Wacky Waxy Winter Veil brawl!!! :firecracker:
  3. Really pleasantly to play at two new fields, which are created especially for Winter Veil: covered with snow Horde and Allience roofs of houses!!! With a festive mood I play more better!!! :snowflake:

Uhhhhh, are you new here? None of this is earth shattering, new, or this exciting.

I would suggest switching to decaff before you experience some serious health issues.

Also, your social credit score increased by 0.001.

We were really pleased with the festivities that Blizz provided for us this winter viel. We’ve been playing since open beta and find the festivals are Getty ng better and better. The snowman thrall is hilarious.

Someone forgot that account sharing is against tos.

I’m allowed to include my wife’s thoughts as well, however. We both play Hearthstone!

Maybe she should post her thoughts on her account. I can say my roommate, friends, family, neighbors, town, state/municipality, agrees with me and they play too…but it’s pretty suspect if they aren’t all logging in on their accounts saying that.

Dear Blizzard team!

You did an excellent work during the Year of the Gryphon and made the game more breathtaking, more dynamic, more multi-faceted, more bright!!! We can summarize the result and it is a grandiose success!!! :+1:

  1. Three amazing card expansions with absolutely different themes, each with special feature!!! :dizzy:
  2. Wonderful rewards tracks (abundance of new heroes skins for Traditional Hearthstone and Battlegrounds, card backs, coins and card packs)!!! You can’t imagine, how I’m happy when I got a new skin in my collection!!! I feel myself elate, because my collection grows!!! :star2:
  3. Exciting achievements, which very interesting to complete (some of them are a little hard, but anyway it’s really fascinatingly to do)!!! I enjoy to make a different deck with new cards, which I need to complete achievements, invent new tactics, try new mechanics!!! :star:
  4. Seasonal events bring a variety in game!!! New brawls, new legendary quests, new heroes skins, free presents and very much fun!!! :snowman_with_snow:
  5. During this year we could buy so many interesting cosmetic bundles for Traditional Hearthstone and Battlegrounds!!! :gift:
  • Summer skins (heroes rest in the beach at holidays)
  • Halloween skins (heroes in amazing costumes)
  • Winter skins (heroes at Christmas)
  • Pirate skins (brave and courageous heroes)
  • Cute skins (heroes at childhood)

Wish You a Merry Christmas and a happy new 2022 year!!! Have a great rest and return in new year with many interesting and extraordinary ideas!!! :cake: :champagne: :fireworks: :christmas_tree:

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Does making propaganda posts for team 5 and actiblizz pay well? I mean, they seem to provide a nice bullet post format that’s easy to follow. The only real cost would be your integrity…

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If only you knew how bad it really is.

If only you knew how bad it is.

If only You knew how bad it really is.