Will a feature to reduce animation detail/ disable animations ever be introduced?

I’ve been playing hearthstone on a 2011 macbook pro since beta. The game ran incredibly smoothly until the introduction of battlegrounds, where the fast paced animations really took a toll on my laptop and left me constantly loading and unable to catch up with the game, but standard was still totally playable.
Now sadly, the level of animation in ranked has become too much, and I’m losing 1/10 games purely because I’m freezing on certain animation heavy cards (like zephyrus, frizz, deathwing, new ysera). I really don’t care for these animations, I don’t consider them to add any entertainment or gameplay value, and they only causing me hindrance. Once I crash out, I am unable to ever catch up with opponent and just lose for free, afk roping all my subsequent turns.
inb4 buy a new laptop, the graphic design and music software that are the only things I use this for are still working PERFECTLY FINE, albeit with some changes to settings and optimising processes to reduce CPU load.

TLDR - will there ever be an option to reduce/ disable animation and graphics in this game or will I just uninstall now?

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