Wild Magtheridon + Zephrys the Great

Zephrys does not see that destroying the three ‘‘Hellfire Wardens’’ summoned by Magtheridon equals a full boardclear while also summoning a 12/12 minion on your side of the board. Quite sometimes the best / only way to gain controll over the game but totaly ignored by ‘‘Zephrys the Great’’. And considering Zephrys should provide the best possible card it should be updated I would say.

Zephrys does not read ability text, and deliberately so.

There is no bug here.

Only exception is doomsayer that has been hardcoded into Zephrys

Yeah, I forgot about that one.

Also, I vaguely recall that Zephrys knows what a minion “should” cost for its stats, and if it sees an enemy deathrattle minion that is way overcosted for its stats, it can infer that it has a strong deathrattle and might therefore offer an option that would transform it instead of just killing it.