Wild is getting some love

They will be doing an update too wild and adding new cards. That’s exciting :slight_smile:

I am not sure unbanning warlock quest is “giving Wild some love”. And while some of the new cards do work well with some of the less viable archetypes, I don’t see them really rocking the boat in a good way. Wild needs more balance passes to “get some love”. The recent nerfs are a good start but still got some work to do.

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That’s not what I"m talking about. Not sure why people are so quick to make assumptions on this forum at times. I didn’t mention a word about warlock in the main post of this thread. Take a look at the news that Hearthstone put on their site for the Year of the Wolf. It’s explained in the Video.

I didn’t make assumptions. Only a comment based on what I know of the next expac. Also, my comment was not specifically about warlock…you did not have to mention it when it is one of the changes happening.

Yes, you made an assumption.

I don’t see how that is an assumption. I did not suggest you were particularly interested in that one change…but all things aside we will just have to see how Wild is affected.

Because you mention the Warlock Quest when in the article about Wild it’s not mentioned, but they do talk about how Overheal is a evergreen now and some old cards in Wild are given that keyword. One would logically assume that “giving Wild some love” would be more asociated with fundamentally changing old cards than an unmentioned card.


OP does not mention the article in their original post…it is not mentioned until they follow up on my comment. We have known about the warlock change ever since the card was banned so I threw it in there as relating to my opinion on the changes.

If I made an assumption, it was that people reading this thread would know about what was promised with warlock (Not suggesting none of you in particular don’t).

It’s like walking into a Pizza hut going up to the register and ordering a Chicken Salad, Only to have the cashier say “Our deluxe pan pizza is 14.99 for a large”

You say "I’m Sorry I don’t want a pizza, I’d like a salad. "

'Okay sure, but this is Pizza hut that you’ve walked into, so I’m letting you know that our deluxe pizza is on special. "

“I never said anything about pizza, why are you assuming I want pizza”

Chaiser “I"m not, however, you came into a pizza hut”

had I mentioned “Wild is getting some love, when the warlock quest gets unbanned” Then it would have made sense to bring it up. But I didn’t. So you many not have intended for itto come across as an assumption, but it.

You would have a point if the article you are referencing was the only source of this news lately…and even if it was it still wouldn’t take away from the fact that warlock is getting a change that is not even mentioned in the article (unless I missed that). Was it a sin to add a tid bit from earlier news?

But regardless, not much point of keeping this going as I already said what I wanted about the changes you mentioned (my comment was never wholly about warlock).

itll be unbanned after changing it like they did for test subject

No worries.

And yes, the warlock card is getting unbanned, but not sure what it will look like, I’m still looking forward to seeing what that will look like. I"m actually excited to see what they have planned for wild. I"m sure they are going to start rotating sets or something, That would seem like the most logical thing.

And I did find it interesting that they are adding new cards to the mode. So I"m very curious, as I do love wild as well :slight_smile:

Yep, we just get to wait to see what they do…I have been curious what they will change about it but have curbed my hype. I would not want them to do to it something that ends up just killing it like they did to DH quest.

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i wouldnt be surprised if they buff cards along with some nerfs


They mentioned that they were going to be making changes to the resurrect priests to make them focus solely on undead rather than all minion types, I’m assuming that would apply to wild as well.

Given that they just buffed a bunch of old cards to put in the Core Set, I’m thinking they’ll take a look at other cards in Wild to get the same “Core Set” treatment.


I wonder if they’ll unnerf Sorcerer’s Apprentice. I’ve yet to see a card that justified that horrible nerf.

Rotating sets in wild would turn it into standard, genius. Wild will never rotate sets of cards. Wild is wild because everything is playable, besides the broken cards like switcher-oo that deserve to be banned.

I don’t know about that. I can totally see them starting to rotate wild sets. I understand that it’s wild and I’m all about being able to play whatever you want, however, the reality is there are some card combinations that are broken.

So it’s going to come down to two options, change the cards that players love to something completely different, or, start rotating.

So I’m hopeful that they will start to address many of the insanely over powered combinations that were never destined to be used together.

Don’t get me wrong, I love wild, there are so many amazing cards, but things like time warp mage were left unchecked for so long,

So I am hoping their announcement of actually making changes to wild will be one that will put some more life back into the mode.

Turning wild into standard isn’t the answer. It would be the lazy route. That said, wouldn’t surprise me if the devs chose the lazy option.