Wild decks are unplayable - false missing cards

Starting today (Dec 6, 2022) I cannot play any of my wild decks, because they wrongly claim that they contain missing cards.

In ‘My Collection’, when I open a wild deck and select one of the ‘missing’ cards, some of them say “this card is not in your collection” while others say “This card cannot be used in standard” — which of course is irrelevant, as it’s a wild deck.

I double-checked that it is indeed a wild deck, that it didn’t somehow auto-convert to standard. Because of this, the game is currently unplayable for me.

This issue appears to have been introduced today (Dec 6, 2022). As recently as yesterday, none of these problems existed.

I am having the same issue!

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I found a workaround for this: Edit your deck and remove the cards it’s complaining about, then re-add them. That fixed it for me.

Does not work for me in all cases. For some cases my Cards are gone completely and i need to recraft them.

e.g. Shadowblade, Valeera the Hollow

same issue here! some cards i can just put back in deck but others are missing. any fix for this as of yet or did some of us just get %^)@#! over?

Solution of MagcUsr did not work for me either, Shadowblade, Valeera the Hollow is missing and also uncraftable

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