[WILD] Big Priest again and again and again


I’ve argued that Murloc Shaman is the best deck in Wild, for now. With that said there are some thing the meta can do to knock Murloc Shaman down:

  • Aggro and Midrange can start playing Hungry Crab. For instance my Jade Shaman swapped tech from Golakka Crawler (pre-patch) to Hungry Crab (post-patch) and it has done well against Murloc Shaman/ Baku Paladin and (insert Warlock deck) continue to keep Jade Shaman (at least my list) as a tier 2-3 deck. Token Druid, Zoolock (doesn’t need to though), Odd Paladin, and Nine Lives Hunter can all tech in Hungry Crab with minimal to no negative repercussions to the deck strategy.

  • Play non-combo Warlock builds: Last month when I played Murloc Shaman (my build is slightly different as I think Tinyfin is garbage and running only 1x Maelstorm is dumb) Warlock, overall, was the best class to at stopping me. Carpet Zoolock will destroy Murloc Shaman most games at it can deny board so well. Cubelock and Evenlock are good especially against the Tinyfin version as 4 cards become nearly unplayable (Sludge Slurper and Tinyfin) unles syou can combo with a Seer.

  • Dragon Control Priest: I didn’t face this deck but it is the only Control deck I am willing to use right now between Big Priest and Murloc Shaman. You have a ton of board clears, Mass Hysteria is good enough to use (I might put one in), and the early game can be minimized through your own minions and Potion of Madness. At least for me it is doing better than Warriors were doing against me last month.

I want to see the meta adapt to Murloc Shaman before saying it is broken. Hungry Crab is such a game winning play if it hits early, at least for me it has been, that I’m not sure the deck can survive being targeted. If you play against an Even Shaman, for instance, it becomes quite clear how fragile Murloc Shaman is to tempo loss compared to it’s ‘brother’ deck in Even Shaman which is a lot more resilient as you can’t target it as well.


I cannot stand being outskilled.

That is my definitive reason.


And there is NO question that Barnes pulling YSharrj or Rags is total skill. /S


@Blizzard Delete this broken deck from this game .
0 iq braindead deck . Pay to win
I really hate blizzard.
blizzard wont even do anything.


I don’t want Big Priest getting nerf because :

  1. I want to play it one day x)
  2. I have never lost against a big priest with my baku paladin


So you’re really lucky, I have a positive win rate against pig priest as well with odd pally but lose sometimes because of the early lucky high roll b******t.


Blizzard probably did set big priest as “the limit of how much you can annoy people”.

It is also interesting to note that the results itself aren’t what you expected from a overpowered deck.

Not speaking to blizzard not move but people using a actually non overpowered deck to that extend only means that they are having fun.

With that in mind I really think that kill the deck is to extreme but it could use some nerfs just to adjust highroll scenarios and break that biased perception that Barnes create.


Mods are all playing priest, people have been complaining about this deck for years and it just keeps on getting buffed by minions like Catrina.
Just shows you they don’t really care that much of wild unless there’s 1 deck that dominates the meta (like star aligner was)


Eventually, something even worse will take it’s place.


Big priest is easily beat just play even or murloc shaman in fact that IS the top deck now even better then odd rogue.


Im not sure of that. At least when most decks get too popular there is usually a few options to deal with it. Not so with Scum priest. You either play hyper aggro or you LOSE badly. Or, even if you have a chance to win its hardly worth even trying becasue the deck is so debilitating to deal with. Its THAT bad. It makes me want to light small animals on fire, pull the legs off of baby insects, next thing you know Im killing hookers…


Are you … are you insane?
Kingsbane rogue was CANCER for the game. Most control decks auto-lost against this deck on turn 1. Since there was no way to silence weapons, this deck was broken as heck (especially since rogue can draw as if there’s no tomorrow). I dreaded this deck even more than I hate Big Priest.

At a certain point, rogue could heal and attack for 10+ each turn while at the same time being immune to fatigue … yeah sure, what a healthy deck that was.


I think he means post nerf kingsbane.


Really? I really don’t think so ^^

He said “the loss of Kingsbane” and the only “loss” Kingsbane suffered was from 100% popularity to 0% popularity right after the nerf (thank god!).


Which nerf? Kingsbane was one of the top decks before more recent rogue nerfs.
It was still tier 1 after lifesteal spell change. It just changed to a more aggro variant.


You mean the pirate build? I haven’t seen this deck at all … whereas I have seen Kingsbane with Lifesteal a million times when it was unnerfed.


Yeah the pirate version is dead due to most recent rogue nerfs. It was tier 1 go take a look at tempostorm archives.


its an easy win with certain aggro decks,
but when you want to have fun with another deck… I leterally hurt my ankle kicking something over this… haven’t raged ever over anything in a long time.

not mad that it happened in a game, im more mad that such a profitable company is in charge and successful with such a messed up unsanctioned design.

this game makes you feel helpless.


Sorry my fault on the confusion
Aggro Kingsbane Rogue (Pirate) is what I meant. The deck prior to the last round of Rogue nerfs was ~15-20% of the Wild meta and was dominant against Big Priest because the only high-roll it cared about was Barnes => Y’Shraaj as it could sap any other highroll and continue the attack on the Big Priest’s life total.

The deck is actually still good against Big Priest but it can’t deal with other aggressive decks as well anymore with the slowdown caused by the double nerf to Prep and Raiding Party.

Edit: as Control you could still fend the deck off and win unless you got Myra’s early on. It felt better to play against; imho, than Big Priest did from a Control perspective. It was obviously worse to play against when playing an aggro deck but it still felt ‘better’ as it wasn’t a “turn 4 and pray” moment against the deck… there was a decent amount of trading going on.


Nerf Big Priest Once, Two more Buffs shall take its place… HAIL HYDRA!