Why Warriors auto concede to Quest Paladin?


And I love it :sunglasses:. Finally, a good quest paladin list (rip Kaleidesaur)


Shhh if u suggest warrior can be beat, people will lose it. Careful.


How is it infinite if warriors kills the 2 eggs and 2 deathrattle 7/7 guys? Then nothing to copy thats insane. Not sayin thats easy but its not infinite


The 2/5 reborn taunt will kill warrior if paladin can keeps copying it. The 2/5 reborn+copy is not that easy to clear if you already have to safe your brawls and aoe execute for the eggs and mech dragon (which are not cleared by brawl btw,but maybe spellbreaker). Even the 1/2 2 mana reborn will overwhelm the warrior if he can not clear it fully and paladin can keep copying. Then there is the 6 mana 3/4 reborn and then things come back with undertaker and army as well.

This deck will be heavily complained about by control players as soon as it becomes stronger in the meta. It has much more value then boom will ever give.

The focus of the pro,s is on boom and mage. So I guess that means that the pros think all the other mechanics and decks in the game are currently fine. I don’t expect any complaints from the pros in the future about any of the current decks that are not warrior and mage. If they have any complaints then now is the time to come forward,not in 4 or 8 months when a new expansion hits.


The deck is infinite value. Paladin has been asking forever for some sort of immunity to silence, now they have a deck that every minion requires silence. So, it’s immune to silence because you can’t run enough silence to counter it.

If it runs 2 mechanical whelps, 2 mechano eggs, kangors, and undatakah, that’s 6 boards that require a full clear or they go into insanity levels of value.

It is slow though, unlike conjurer’s calling which pops off early and multiple times in a single turn. So you can beat it by going faster than it can go, but if you’re too slow you’re donezo


Yeah seems that way, I’ve been playing it and all variants of warrior so far have been a pretty easy win.

Sure other top tier decks can beat me but then I just switch to OTK…which is quite good versus Cyclone mage/Rogue/Hunter etc.

I haven’t made a murloc deck yet but I will probably craft if it stays as ‘good’ as people say it is.


Weren’t you saying on reveal that this quest was terrible?


It is terrible…it’s basically niche counter.

Just because it does good vs. 1 deck doesn’t mean it’s insane?

If anything it’s only getting attention because its 1 counter just so happens to be warrior…which everyone hates


Wasn’t replying to you, and its actually not. It’s considered the best quest deck right now and it’s sitting solidly in tier 2 overall


For the same reason that quest shamans auto concede against CW. It’s a one sided match up. CW is a slow fatigue geared deck and QP just outvalues it.


Why does tempostorm have it at tier 3 then?

I rest my case


Depends on the situation I guess.

In most case, the game is heavily tilted towards quest paladin. However, if paladin still hasn’t completed the quest by the time warrior plays “Dr Boom”, the game is likely to go to warrior.

Also, it’s not just 2 eggs and 2 Mecha Whelps, there’s also Da Undatakah and Kagan’s endless army.


People have tendency here to call something infinite if it can be done more than twice, just ignore them


I’ve played lots of quest paladin this past week and yes, it destroys warrior. I’ve found most of my losses against warrior were due to them buffing their taunt minions too much and dropping them before i could start making a threatening egg/whelp board myself. Quest paladin has issues dealing with minions bigger than theirs because it runs no removal aside from consecration, although some use shrink ray or subdue


Probably because Tempostorm is known to be one of the worst meta sites and the one most people ignore. Meanwhile hearthstonetopdecks has it at tier 2, as does Metabomb


I dont mind decks that counter what your running its what makes the game fun and balanced. But when a deck has this big a counter it becomes pointless to play the match. Ill play out alot of matches even if i dont think i have a great chance but these are auto concede if you a warrior. But i didnt design it i just play it but i do think this expansion could have used a ton more oversight and testing before release.


I agree that there should always be a counter to any given strategy or deck.
However, when a match up is 80% winrate, there’s clearly a problem and an example of a design flaw. I can’t find any other match up where the stats are 80-20.

To me, making the quest and/or hero powers not have a counter, is a major design flaw. In the past the quest reward could be milled, counter spelled, silenced, removed. The chances of you successfully doing that was low but the opportunity was ever present.


Because no control deck has enough removal to consistently stop Quest Paladin.

But on the flipside, fast decks will just shrug and steamroll Quest Paladin with little hassle.


Really? Pally is good against it but if they handbuff huge double taunt rushing mech guys pally has no removal.

As a quest paladin thats how I lose to warriors sometimes, how the hell do I remove that?



It’s still not as good as you portray it to be, and the meta is still developing so just because there’s an over representation of a class (quest paladin) doesn’t mean it’s good, it just means people want an answer to a tier 1 deck (CW) and there’s no other match-up that’s so polarized to favor the non-warrior than quest paladin.