Why this card even exist?

Always a Bigger Jormugar… Just why 1 Mana dealing 30+ damage in agresive class Fun and interactive hearstone …Get punishment for playing minions for board control for winning the game…

Whats the strategy vs hunter? hopium for not get this i guess… pls @devs wake up game starts be almost good… But you need remove some … from the game… Start with this continue with agro paladin and naga DH and remove ramp from druid, remove cards mainpulationg you hand and deck and ofc remove doomkin… Mana is everything in thisgame dont take it away dont make cards cost 0 etc… Just wake up


With class identity almost a myth at this point, why ask for the removal of something Druid has always had since the beginning?

if we are gunna have mill druids at least make it so other classes can do the same

right now druid 10 mana me 5 he purifired dragon nest , eonar and reno hero… balanced…It need be removed thats it nobody cares about something like identity…