Why Thijs always performs badly in tournaments?


Watching him in the Master Tours is painful, he lost 2 games and nearly kicked out at the tournament. And at the same time there is an unknown girl playing Paladin won 2-0.

Thijs is my favorite streamers but I can’t understand how he always performs below his level in tournaments? Is playing gimmick decks too long on stream hurt his competitive skills?


Thijs has won some tournaments i believe, and sometimes its really out of your control if you win or lose, play a control deck but don’t draw a single board clear while you have added 4-6 of them in your deck versus a token deck and you probably lose it is unlucky but it happens.


Stop… feeding… the troll


That girl isn’t unknown. Women are good at video games. It’s strange, I know.


I like his streams but have to hit mute instantly. Listening to him ramble will give you cancer.


Authijsism is why.

He isn’t normal.


Wait, people actually waste their time watching it?


The new Specialist format is really fun to watch as it allows a good deck to be used multiple time. And best-of-three would save a lot of time as well.

I couldn’t stand the old format as my favorite deck can only be played once.


Thijs isn’t doing so bad, at least he still in the competition for tomorrow (just won his fourth game in round 6).

Muzzy is the one should be blamed, “the best American HS player” lol. He was dropped in round 4 after losing 1-3.


It’s because Thijs is playing Spirit of the Shark, any Nub on this forum can tell you it’s a bad card.


Lol its because he is bad. I beat him lot of times.


Let’s be honest as well. This is a completely different format then what they have played before. Now being overall good at the game with multiple classes is not as good as being someone who just sits grinding with the same class/deck all the time on stream. Many of the top players from the previous format are having early issues adjusting to how the wildly the format changed.

That being said i’m pretty sure thijs is still the highest money/prize winning HS player.


Because this game is all random.


It’s all skill.
Those who believe in the Heart of the Cards, and want to win more than their foes, always triumph.


You get a free pack ($1 value) for watching 3 hours.

That is 33 cents per hours !


Thijs lost 3 games but is not doing badly. He is still in the tournament. Many of the other grandmasters are out: Kolento, Purple, Orange, Casie, Fr0zen, Surrender, Jarla, Flurry, Shaxy, Ryvius, SamuelTsao, Tyler, muzzy, Nalguidan & StrifeCro. Sorry if I have left anybody out.

It is not a big surprise that most of the grandmasters are out of the tournament already when each match is decided best out of three. The outcome of cardgames like Hearthstone is mainly random and it takes several games for the skill to be of much importance.

However it is impressive that dog has 7/7 and some grandmasters 6/7 (including Fenomeno).


Feno is doing extremely well in Grandmasters as well, being the only undefeated player across all divisions. Best of 3 Specialist may just be the perfect format for him.


Exactly xD His voice and what he says is so extremely annoying. I like almost all HS streamers but I hate this guy.


Feno,s performance is very impressive indeed. To score so well in different events seems to suggest he is a bit above the other european player,at least for now.


Are you seriously watching a muted stream? What’s even the point? LOL.