Why No Fireside Brawl This Expansion?

When they do the prereleases I always make Fireside Gathering to open my packs early and play with the new cards using the premade decks they make for a Fireside Brawl. But for some reason this expansion just left that mode out, only leaving the No Cards Barred Brawl which you can’t play with 2 people unless you bought preorders on 2 different accounts.

Why make this change? Now literally the only point to these private gatherings is opening packs early. I was looking forward to trying out the cards today, but I guess I’ll have to wait until the expansion launches.

Need to maintain 6’ distance.


It didn’t. Go create a fireside gathering and you can open your pre orders now.

Did you read my post? I already opened my packs, but usually there’s a brawl to play with premade decks using the new cards. It’s not there this time.

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You don’t see the Scholomance No Cards Barred brawl?

That’s not the brawl I’m talking about. Usually there’s a second one that gives everyone access to premade decks that have new cards in them, which isn’t there this time. The No Cards Barred brawl can’t be played with 2 people unless both players’ accounts have bought preorders, which I can’t do.

Please read my first post again if you’re having trouble understanding what my problem is.

This is a dumb question, but I created the brawl on the Fireside Gatherings page for July 31st 10 a.m. PT, double checked I had the time and date correct, and received a confirmation email that my event was created. How do I get the event to start now? I log into hearthstone like normal and nothing’s happening.

Go to where your Friends List is, and at the top of it there should be a button that allows you to check for your Fireside. It’ll ask you what Wifi you want to use, and after that if you set up the Fireside correctly on the website, it should allow you to open it.

Blizz doesn’t want rich kids cheat the game by playing it earlier than the rest of us.

Thank you, TRQ. I see where the button is and clicked it, but nothing is happening so far. If I set the event for 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. do I have to start is promptly at 10 a.m.? Because that’s obviously not happening as it’s 11:32 a.m. now.

Edit: My PC doesn’t have wifi on it. I’m going to try my phone.

If it’s still not working, there’s a few reasons why. You either set the date or time on the website wrong, which I know you said you didn’t, but the first time I made a Fireside I thought that too and it turns out I messed it up.

If that’s not it, you could be on the wrong account. You can only open gatherings with the account you set it up on.

The only other reason I can think of is that the new Fireside rules for this expansion have messed with the ability for non-established taverns to make Fireside Gatherings, but I don’t think that’s true.

If the date and time really is right for your Fireside, try making a new Gathering for the closest hour or half-hour from now, which could allow it to work.

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I figured it out! I don’t have a wifi card on my PC to establish my location. It’s working on my phone. Thank you for your time, TRQ!


I was hosting my own private fireside gathering on my PC over wifi - and trying to get my fiance to find it (we’ve never hosted/joined a fireside gathering before) Spngbobshtgn is definitely on to something because I logged in on my android phone, setup the fireside again and it told me my location services were turned off and needed to find/join the FG, still trying to get my fiance to find it and join, worse case scenarion we’re both hosting individual private FG in the same home/wifi network to open our packs, but it feels like she should be able to join my FG.

Hopefully someone or us gets it to work, would be great to start brawling with the scholo cards :slight_smile: