Why is no one talking about priest?

Okay, I get that DH is really strong even post-nerf but I’m seriously going nuts trying to solve any matchups against priest. I’m honestly willing to just auto-concede at this point because by the time I even catch up, I’m mega exhausted of all my cards and resources.

Does anyone have any tips against this?


thats because the ppl whining about dh were playing priest and they didnt wanna have to worry about a class that could rush em down b4 they could revive their 50000 taunts back


DH isn’t even “really strong” anymore. They’re the middle pack.

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Priest will always be there with their insane combos. Why? Because priest sucks.


Priest only has so many board clears and resources.

If you’re getting exhausted of resources, then maybe you need to spread out when you play your cards and not overextend.

Or maybe watch how RegisKillbin plays this deck and make it easier for yourself:

Priest can be dealt with, just differently depending on what deck you’re running. It still sucks against resilient board pressure.

plague of death says otherwise

You can force your opponent to use Plague of Death on a somewhat underwhelming board and reload right after.

Of course if you play right into it and they Plague of Death your board chock full of Deathrattles, then you only have yourself to blame. Slight forgivings if they topdeck the 2nd Plague right after, or that was the moment you HAD to go all-in as an aggressive deck.

Just watch the video, you will see how Regis plays around 2 Plagues of Death + more.

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1 playing vs 1 version of the priest deck isnt a sample size, same thing as saying that 1 time a streamer beat a dh, try that with any of the naysayers who hate on dh and they will argue till 1 of you gives up

The entire game seems really unbalanced right now. Some classes are overtuned and some are totally weak.
For me this is easily the worst expansion yet.


Why is no one talking about druid? Being able to ramp to 7 mana on turn 4, then drop bombs and use 0 mana cards to taunt / removal. Mana cheat was bad but these conditional 0 mana cost cards make the game even worse.

I didn’t think they could make bigger mistakes than the mana cheat era but here we are


Resurrect priest can be dealt with but you need to be calculating. I have been enjoying playing Galakrond Warlock for the last couple of months. The way I could deal with Res Priest is to wait for them to clear the whole board, then I Alex them to 15, hit them with the Galak weapon, make them 10. Then I can finish them with 2 Nether Breaths + Zephyrs (14 damage) even if they play their taunts UNLESS they are smart enough keep a 5 heal in hand. It can be frustrating but that is how it is.


100% win rate against priest with Libram pally- the deck has too much late game gas. Really hoping priest takes an uptick in play rate so I can climb- dh is a rough matchup for pure.

This decks is the reason why kaeltas should be “nerfed” (only first 3rd spell is enough)

So youre saying if you have scissors, you can beat paper?
And if you have rock you can beat scissors?
And if you’re playing paper you can beat rocK?

So depending on the DECK youre using you will win and lose games? Not using skill or careful planning? Okay, got it.

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Yeah that classic turn all minions health into 1 and destroy those super mega boards everyone makes in the later game. Then all those heals…

So nice.

“Deck” and “skill and careful planning” aren’t mutually exclusive. Consistent wins require both.

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Just lost to a res priest that had Galakrond but no invoke cards. What a time to be alive. Suddenly, 20$ for a Tavern Brawl pass doesn’t seem so bad after all.

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Because Invoke cards are terrible for Priest. Oh yay, I play a mediocre minion to get another random full-costed minion in my hand.

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gotta kill em b4 turn 6, oh wait if you do ur overtuned and need to be nerfed, if u dont they kill u turn 7 with tokens

Good to know. See you in April 2021 then when Galakronds rotate. Thank you for your wisdom and I hope you’ll succeed in real life more than in Hearthstone. Stay safe!