Why HS is doomed? A hypothesis


So, the problem is very much this - the problem with HS for the long time has been cards that generate other cards or deal more damage that the mana cost they are played for. We have Hagathas hero power, we have lackeys (especially when cheaters get them back into hand), Evil miscreants, hunters have two 5-5 wyverns with rush for 6 mana, Priests have resurrections, rogues have Tess, shamans have Shudderass, Mages have Hex Lord… That is why HS has now become infested with cheaters who cheat not only with the strategies they play, but also with cards they play. Because, why do we need mana anymore? Why not introduce 1 cost cards that give you 10-10 minion with mega-windfury and charge, we do not need this. Cheaters do, but the rest of the world does not. Great job, devs, even rats have more brains than you.


I think Riddler had a succinct summary:
There are so many things that can be improved in Hearthstone, which were once (or twice) and then never again mentioned by the devs.
Beyond ideas such as a new format, Tournament mode, better dust-economy and QoL-improvements, of course, which Riddler also talked about.

The shell of HS has not improved at all, over the years.
Consistent improvements make it less likely for players to simply get tired of the game.


While there are many synergy-related ways to “cheat” out stats on the board for less mana cost, they still cost a resource/card in hand and your turn.

I still find there is much counterplay in predicting your opponent, and finding lethal outs that win you games you otherwise might have not. But it is not quite surface level, nor is it the most obvious of plays. Which means HS on the surface looks like a dumb game at times.

This means if you focus on a single game or 3, you are most likely going to see those moments that are just “oh you already lost”.
But regardless of whether it’s a 3/3 you put out or a 6/6 you put out, it most likely dies to Brawl.

After seeing the “cheating” stuff possible in MTG:A, HS looks tame in comparison. This latest expansion did bring many possible sources of frustration for some people however.


Um … this word “cheat” you keep using… I do not think it means what you think it means. :slight_smile:

There’s plenty of things to criticize HS about. But calling it ‘cheating’ is a bit of a reach.


infinite value cards were a problem in the VERY FIRST expansion they were released.

imagine what is happening after 6-7 expansions… Because every expansion has these kind of cards.

the game now is about “nuking” your rival before he “nukes” you.