Why havent you nerfed murlocs?

This is my first post and only complaint about hearthstone. Every single game i Play where murlocs are an option they are serious over powered. It doesn’t matter how much thought I put into my build. I will be doing really well then suddenly you face a murloc build with sniker snack and its like it doesnt matter. You have nerfed beasts. You have nerfed Mechs, Dragons, demons and even the nagas. But when it comes to Murloc builds it seems like you just made them even more powerful. It use to be you had to have things die to have poison murlocs. now you can have fat huge murlocs with poison. Battlegrounds use to be fun. Now its like if you dont look up some bulcrap murloc meta you will 100% lose. please balance your game. Thanks

Getting poison is less common that it was before.

Many game I have gone murlocs only to either never even see a poison guy or to maybe get one or two off. Sometimes I highroll like other and get them all poisoned.

But even after that, I can still run into people with shielded up minions that take out my murlocs. Usually going hard into poison results in lack of stats (not always).

The battlecry quest and getting those murloc early enough to make them huge is, I found, less common than getting lots of poisons up.

Yes, if someone gets really lucky, they can get big shielded poisoned murlocs, but again it is rare.

I have seen more Baron beast / mech builds.
I also see my poisoned army losing to beefy demons, or shielded dragons / naga.