Why hasn't Eudora been changed?

saw the recent battleground changes with buffs and nerfs and was really surprised Eudora wasn’t in those.

For a wile Eudora has been a bit of the joke hero in battleground with a way to inferior hero power compared to todays hero powers that also takes very long to activate and even has no control over the reward.

same with her buddy who gives medium stat increase for your golden minions which isn’t always a given in the early game and in later games he is just being outperformed
by other buddies.
and while other buddies enhance the hero power of their hero Edora’ss buddie feels more depended on it to get the golden minion.

a change i could see been made is for example instead of random golden minion discover one.
or discover a normal minion of you tavern tier for 2 mana ( tough then she does get a similar ability to Elise )

what’s you guys thought about it or changes she could get?


I think discovering a golden minion would be more beneficial. It would be a little more better.
As for her hero power, I might say to decrease her need to dig by at least 1 or 2.

Played with that hero recently. I even played in a way that I could dig every turn starting turn 2. Turn 6 comes around and I get my hero power reward of a golden minion. At this point I am tier 3, expecting a tier 3 minion, maybe even a golden tier 2 minion.
I got the 2/1 naga, tier 1, and it gave me 2 coins. Hot garbage pay off, and because I got the buddy next turn and it kept giving it +5/+5, I had to keep the golden garbage minion. To even get to this point, I had to lose several turns in a row because I had to spend gold around the hero power instead of buying a minion or upgrading the tavern.
Hero does need some change, I agree.

Unfortunately, this is the RNG of the game. I do think the amount of digs should go down by 1 given it can you a minion from any Tier. However, imagine if you rolled a golden Lightfang instead (This would be turn 5 on your given timeline). From there on, depending on the rest of the lobby, you can safely Tavern up faster than the rest of the lobby and dominate.

I think Eudora is just a highroll hero with or without its Buddy. Not the only one, either.

its true that you are able to get a light fang out of it but the number of lower tier minions is higher then the higher tier so the changes are fairly low in comparison to more reliable hero powers and how she currently is she is really underperforming ( ever list i see puts her in F tier

also would have probably helps if her buddie for example lowers the amount of digs instead of giving 1 random golden minion medium stat boost

but i agree lowering her digs to 4 instead of 5 could help to

Oh, yes. Lightfang, per my example, would be a big highroll for sure.

Eudora was nerfed fairly quickly quite some time ago and the meta has gained more power creep since, so yes, I think buffing the amount of digs could give it a better chance.

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