Why do poisonous minions kill mechs?


Is this the work of an enemy Stand?


Ask Silver Chariot Requiem.
You might end up trapped inside a turtle, though.


No worries, I’ll just use Bites the Dust if that happens.


That would be pretty cool if elements would be introduced, so no snowgiant can be frozen, no fire elemental can be damaged by fire spells etc Though I think Blizz wants to keep the game the simplest as possible


They could perhaps print cards, such as vanilla statted minions, that for example, have a defensive tribal synergy/effect.
Like making Elementals immune to freeze while said minion is on the board.
Though due to the lack of other elemental effects, I would consider this kind of unfair.


A world of Daffy Ducks? Enough to drive Bugs QUACKERS.


I do not even like Quaker Oats.
Your argument is invalididated.


Wardrum is a stack of dwarves.

Randomdrunk is in debt.

A world of daffy ducks would drive Bugs Bunny quackers.

Always super sensible Gwyneth can’t figure out why she keeps clicking on these threads…knowing what they are - literal nonsense.


I have yet to see proof for your absurd claims!
This thread is one of artistic integrity and expression.
Grasping the complexity of these discussions is obviously beyond the abilities of the average person.
But I am sure most can appreciate you not adding fuel to the fire, once things get a little heated.
Though, you are welcome to embrace the blazing inferno of our combined cranial majesties, once you feel ready to do so.


I’m guessing…abstract art? Also, I’m on the night shift and there is nothing else better to do than to harass the forum when I’m not doing work stuff. I also have this grandmasters playing for packs.

Hopefully, I get them.

I’ve posted a blog, watched my favorite streamer until the end, and realized I had nothing else to do so here I am…reading nonsense. Of course, it is all you’ll ever find around here especially if Wardrum is involved.

He’s the ringleader of this sensless nonsense!


I do not see how moving and controlling circles adds to the discussion.

But I cannot deny, that both MVPM and Wardrum are very passionate and competent.
They are truly individuals of great capacity and importance.
The future of this world may depend on them.

Probably not, though.
But still.
Perhaps this very thread will stop WW3.

Though, guessing by the average reception, it would probably cause it.
Also thanks for reminding me about the packs.


World War 3…or Wardrums War 3? As in, a war so epic, they just decided to skip the first two and slap 3 on there as the first.

Like it was so bad [or impressive depending on PoV] that they were like, “This is unlike anything we’ve ever seen! We have to call it 3! Cause it’s 3 wars in one.”

“You’re so right, bruh!”

“I know, dude. We need to like, get the word out…”


“My man! We sound the alarm with drums!”

“But they will think we want war.”

“Dude, you’re so right. We should make…the Peacedrums!

“Bruh, I have a peace pipe.”



Three hours later…

“I am so hungry, dude.”

“Why is the sky blue?”


“Why is the sky blue? Out of all the colors it could be, it’s blue.”

“Whoa! Dude! That’s deep.”


There were two wars caused by war drummists, who believed their favorite percussion instrument is by far the best.

We indeed do not want to talk about those two, however.
They left their marks in history.
And on both the innocent and guilty.
I can still hear the cacophony of dissonant, arythmic instruments echoing in the night…


It’s actually all colors BUT blue. #Science


I dunno.

Has anyone tried curing cancer with more cancer? I’m no biologist…but i certainly wouldnt start looking there myself.

Also. Rag isnt dying to a fireball. Hes respecting your moxy and leaving to burninate someone else.


OR…its smurfskin. The sky is made of smurfskin.


Impossible. The surface area of the visible sky is many times greater than the surface area of the planet. You suggest that there are enough available smurfs to paint the sky! They’d already be painting the ground! We would be drowning in smurf-flesh!


Of course! They clone them and eat their smurfy insides: which I hear tastes like chicken.

Its a way better explanation that science. I mean, what do scientists know? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Cause they are poisonous. Conundrum solved.


Hate to drop the science on you, but how do you think antivenoms are made? and flu vaccines? From venoms and strains of the flu, they’re sort of ‘reverse-engineered’ … so I wouldn’t be surprised if the same thing eventually applied to cancer.