Why do officials never look out for the interests of players

In Hearthstone , all the quests inside the Apprentice Mode - Inn Guide in the logbook are completed, but the two packs of card packs can’t be picked up, and the Apprentice Mode can’t be skipped, I’ve already purchased the pass, but I can’t get the daily quests and the weekly quests due to this, my rights and interests have been greatly impaired, I’m annoyed to ask for the official help of the official to deal with the BUG for me, thank you very much!
I created a work order for the past three days and still no customer service contacted me to help me deal with this problem, I have been every day through the forums, work orders, the Battle.net client to react to the existence of this bug, but so far no effective response, BUG forums can be seen everywhere within the players with this problem, the official can not take into account the feelings of the players?

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No official reads here friend.
You need to make a ticket in the Support section. \o/

same problem, i am writing to support during 2 weeks, create post on reddit, but nothing change

I have created many forms, but their response to me is that customer service can’t help me with this issue, and I am told to come to the bug forums for feedback, this behavior is typical of passing the buck, it’s so disappointing, is there any place to report this phenomenon?