Why are there so many OP decks?

Game after game after game after game, it seems like the type of decks people use are so, limited… Almost everyone uses the exact same, gimicky decks… Why? Eg. Almost every deck contains that new Cathun looking card, and some classes are SOOOOO predictable! If they’re a shaman, they’re almost always using Shudderwock. If they’re a Priest they’re almost always using the card that gives them 40 life, or the one that lets them give their minions +3/+3 forever for two mana… Why haven’t these cards been nerfed? Don’t even pretend like they’re balanced.

Also, I know Wild is generally considered unbalanced and acceptable, but it’s still a major gamemode, which little by little is becoming unplayable and stale. Unless it receives more attention, it’s going to become even more stale than it already is.


Blizzard does not care (short)

(long) also if talk about nerfing a card players of the Class who use it most will mob any nerf ideas till card ever nerf into ground by devs not know fan feedback or ignore it

Ok, but do they even realize how bad it’s getting?
eg. They insist they need to keep adding strong Priest cards because ‘Priest is the weakest’, but ALL my friends quit this game Specifically because Priest feels OP, and is basically Never fun to play against.

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no real question do they care about how bad it’s getting

for the Priest…they nerf Healing but not real problem if anything hurt Priest in long run should double down on Priest Healing and Healing damage (because shadow priest turn healing into damage) not Nerf the healing literally could nerf anything else

that’s the best shaman card in the game.
Unless you are facing a meta deck (aggro, murloc, even…) then shaman will have shudderwock.

Like Rogue plays Tess, warlock plays ticketus

These are meme decks, or better, concede on turn 1 if you have better things to do

It isn’t stale at all.
Proof: the decks you named aren’t even meta, which tells me people are playing whatever they like to play

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I’d laugh, but your words made me wretch…
Wild Feels bad, and worse every day. I fight what feels like the same dozen decks over, and over, and over, with no creativity in sight. It’s boring and soulless.

These aren’t meme decks, they’re the unstoppable decks that noone can effectively compete with. Players have been offered extremely powerful cards, and they’re using them, and basically only those… When was the last time you ran into a deck that was stupid and fun? A deck where all your minions attack randomly? A deck where all your cards have bad effects and it turns out to be a stupid delight to play as and against? There’s no soul in these meta decks everyone uses because they’re all the same!

for you

12 decks.
The same 12 decks.
there are 10 classes and yet you are facing 12 decks.
Are 12 decks not enough?

When I was a D5 going to legend, I never ever saw a shudderwock shaman or amara priest, because they aren’t competitive.
In casual or low ranks? yes, they are strong. Also Tess rogue is strong; there are many way to say a deck is unstoppable.

Yesterday I met

  1. celestial allignment druid on turn 3: he lost on turn 6
  2. an even reno lock. No clue why he had genn and reno in the same deck. Needless to say he lost pretty early too

I don’t know if these 2 decks were fun, but for sure they were stupid.
If they can’t play a game past turn 6, maybe they need to include some cards to play in the early game, because if someone like me with a deck that isn’t meant to be aggro (control reno warlock) beats you on turn 6, it means you literally passed 6 turns in a row.

I don’t think I need to play bad effects to have fun.
I have a guardian animal hunter with Knuckles in it. Yes, Knuckles!
Yet, I have also some secrets and mad scientist, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to survive the first turns.
I have no bad effects in the deck: knuckles is probably one of the best card in the deck; the deck is bad because hunter can’t really survive against aggro decks (pirate rogue, odd paladin, odd DH and many others are unwinnable), but I didn’t put in it bad effects to have fun.
In fact, I think 70% of the cards I’m using are good; the rest 30% is to make the deck work (the beast within for example).
In casual I have also a good win rate with it, so it’s not impossible to win against other weak decks.

This is the definition of meta!
If people play random decks, or bad decks on purpose, then it wouldn’t be called meta.

What are you playing?
In casual or ranked?
If ranked, at what rank?

Are you a troll? Fighting against the same 12-ish decks is a terrible feeling.
Also, while it feels bad for Me, it also feels bad for all my friends who’ve abandoned the game entirely… This isn’t an isolated issue. We’re asked to play hundreds, and even thousands of games, we should expect a LOT more diversity than what exists.

I fight in mostly wild, a mix of causal and competitive. I’m high silver, but mostly because I hate the experience and choose not to fight to an even higher tier. The daily missions sometimes require us to win ranked, and I’m not going to waste my time with the extremely high tier decks.

I come back from time to time to keep my collection updated, and sometimes have fun, but as time goes on this has become less and less rewarding. Unless they fix the game, I won’t have a reason to return.


No I am not.
12 decks aren’t “the same” decks.
I don’t even play 12 games in one day, but in a week I see many times the same decks.

Tell me some decks you play: I probably saw them already in the game, mostly because I played a lot of casual.
People can’t really create new decks, because HS is very limited and you will end up doing what others have done already.
I made a guardian animal hunter with Knuckles and the beast with in: very original, right? I never saw it on ladder nor casual; but I bet someone has a deck with these keycards too

I’m high gold and I see few types of decks, but mostly aren’t competitive.
At diamond (or with an 8x bonus) it was impossible to play what I am playing right now, for example.

Do you have any particoular deck that you always wanted to play?
Go and craft it!
I was bored as well during january-february-march, that I didn’t even play the game (I even “missed” the 30 years card back; I knew it was coming but I didn’t bother opening the game to click on it).
Later I decided to craft things, because leaving the game with 20K dust would have been bad; I crafted many many cards that I found fun (many reno cards, many hunter legendary/epics).
I had a lot of fun (i casual, obviously). Try it if you feel bored.

I already do make the decks I want to. I make and remake decks, toss out old decks and build new ones. I do what’s fun, with a few more serious decks on the side. My current ‘serious’ deck is a mage that used a lot of different strats at once. Buffed hero power, elementals, summons based on spell costs, lots of board clears and direct, late game damage, litch to heal, elementals, ragnorok, plus that one mage minion that deals ten damage to all enemies. Works well.

Trouble is, if I’m only facing off against The Same few decks again and again, there’s no real reason to try and make fun new decks, because we have to invest in decks that counter these boring decks that others use allll the time, even in casual! It’s nauseating and the reason so many people quit. These forums are littered with complaints from those who get fed up and leave.

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Your deck sounds terrible.

C’Thun, Quest Priest, and Shudderwock are jokes. You are losing to bad jokes.

You know what your problem is? That there are people putting in big time, hours, blood, sweat, and tears; to figure out what the best combination of cards are.

The problem is that you think that you throwing 30 cards randomly into a deck in a 5 minute span, should have the same results as someone collaborating with 1,000s of players over many years to figure out what works best.


I had a game as priest against a warlock that went off the rails in standard, at mid silver ranks. He played a Envoy Rustwix. Next turn I played Initiation, which gave us both a Rustwix, although his was dead. Sometime after that he played a Karenthad Prime which gave him at least one Rustwix. I had copy spells, so my Karenthad Prime gave me three more Rustwixes. Unfortunately the cards and removals gave the warlock the win.

I have decks that can mop the floor with casual players. My best deck has a win ratio of 75%.
The deck I use for fun is 50-50, but it’s fun. You on the other hand, don’t sound fun.

Besides, the point of casual is to throw fun decks together CASUALLY and have fun! Not use decks that have crazy amounts of time and effort put into maximizing them. You really, really sound like the kind of person who’s a killjoy to those just trying to enjoy a Casual game.

The point isn’t always to Be The Best, but to have fun. The fact that people use the same, maximized decks again and again is why people quit this game.

Standard…duels…everything is the same. People/players are almost all a bunch of cocky sheep that want to win at all costs. Lame game.

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Like this deck I was just using in Wild casual? You are fed up with it?

Alex OTK

Class: Rogue

Format: Wild

2x (0) Counterfeit Coin

2x (0) Preparation

2x (0) Shadowstep

2x (1) Prize Plunderer

2x (1) Secret Passage

2x (2) Efficient Octo-bot

2x (2) Foxy Fraud

2x (2) Swindle

1x (2) Tenwu of the Red Smoke

2x (3) Cloak of Shadows

2x (3) Shroud of Concealment

2x (4) Elven Minstrel

2x (4) Potion of Illusion

1x (4) Scabbs Cutterbutter

2x (4) Spirit of the Shark

1x (7) Mutanus the Devourer

1x (9) Alexstrasza the Life-Binder


To use this deck, copy it to your clipboard and create a new deck in Hearthstone

Why would you bring an OTK deck into casual? That makes your opponent feel terrible…

Do you think he would have a good time with that deck on ladder?

When I see a rogue that doesn’t have baku, the 1 mana infinite weapon or patches, I don’t consider it a serious deck.

And I lost many times against mill rogue, nzoth rogue and tess rogue: it doesn’t matter, they are still bad decks compared to the top tier ones.

OTK decks aren’t played in ladder only, many of them are trash, like my Leoroxx beast hunter (I still have never OTK anyone, it’s easier to win before getting the OTK)

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You didn’t answer the question. Is it one of the decks you are fed up with?

BTW, my last opponent was Baku Hunter. Is that one of the decks that makes the opponent feel good?

It’s a little hard to tell, since I haven’t memorized all the names of the cards, but I’m not immediately spotting any of the really offensive cards.
Also I don’t know what kind of deck you’re referencing that your opponent used, but if it relies on the ability to defeat your opponent without them being able to reasonably defeat you with a normal deck, then it would be a problem.

When I began playing Hearthstone it was a lot of fun! Even the strongest cards could be debated by the weaker cards, it just took longer to beat them. The game felt generally balanced, and the cards I hated most were Priest’s removal and hypnosis. New cards were added and the game became more diverse. Recently, and for a long while now, the decks people use seem to revolve around gimmicks and basically exploits… I once fought a Druid who had over 300 armor! Their Entire deck was devoted to board clearing and armor, then they just use that one C’thun card and kill it themselves… I understand that’s a real deck, and basically the only way to use that card, but it’s a horrible experience because it wastes my time, giving me no chance to actually win unless I have very specific cards… I was running a deck with massive minions at the time and did around 250 damage to them, but it was literally impossible for me to win, unless I had put a card to remove all my opponent’s armor in my deck… If there are going to be mandatory cards for every deck, the decks should be larger than 30 cards now, or the card combos should be investigated.

Only 300 Armor? You might be shocked to hear that they can do over 10 million.

Why don’t you just play Classic if that’s what you find to be fun?

You are putting such a negative spin on figuring out card interactions and using them to win games. You know, the goal of Hearthstone, winning some games.

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