Why are people that abused the pack generation bug not BANNED>


Well they had cards to begin with right? If they then got 500 packs on top of that then it’s safe to say they got every card in the game? That could hurt a lot of people like anyone who plays them.

I’m sure Blizzard would have a way to find out which cards they got and when and remove them from the account.


This has nothing to do with being “Smarter” with money. This is all about people using a exploit to rob the system. Do you really not know the difference?


happens all the time irl. so shut up and get some


Do you actually *know* that abusers won’t get banned or otherwise punished?
Has Blizzard announced that they won’t enforce their terms of service in this case? Or are you merely assuming you won’t get / were not punished becuase you were not told about it?


How does the bug works?


Except getting 600 packs “for free” via exploiting the game isn’t exactly intended.

Nice strawman attempt but it makes you look like an idiot. 5/10


Open a ticket with blizzard customer support, I bet they will be glad to help you.


I haven’t heard about this…could you explain?


Apparently (from what I’ve heard), there was a bug for a short while when the set of Arena expansions changed that allowed a player to collect prized for their unfinished run not once (as it should) but multiple times. And in those Arena prizes there is always guaranteed a pack.
In case you are asking because you want to try:

  1. It has been fixed already; and
  2. I would not be surprised if the assumption at the start of this topic (that abusers went unpunished) is somply wrong. In other words, those who exploited this might find their account suspended.


First of all, it was a bug left there by Blizz. Second, exploiting the bug is not hurting anyone. Why are you so salty…


I’m salty that you lack any kind of decency or a moral compass to know the difference. Just like people who exploit a ATM glitch or a banking error. If they utilize the glitch or error to enrich themselves they are still punished for it. It’s the exact same ordeal. The camera on the ATM and bank records will show you taking money from the ATM and you took the money knowing it didn’t belong to you therefore you are subject to the same punishment. I bet I can guess your voting habits.

You also sound like a person who gained from this exploit and are here on the forums to argue your point under the guise of anonymity.


hmm …i think the only way to know for sure they didnt ban people for this …

is to be one of the players who abused the bug and unless they do something else instead of banning like discounting the packs they took from their gold making it negative until they farm as much gold as needed to pay for the packs ( because punishments like these become new articles or at least streamers videos )
well never know


If you are salty about something that has nothing to do with you that happened someone else in the world, then you must be the biggest salt mine in the world. Get a life.


Haha…yeah if something doesn’t affect you you shouldn’t care. What a warped and selfish outlook you have.

Since I haven’t been killed by a drunk driver then I shouldn’t care when someone else is killed by a drunk driver.

That’s your thought process…and it’s pathetic.


Sounds like you need something to complain about everyday. Must be hell hanging around with you. I feel sorry for people around you.


Yyour baits are weak and can be seen from a mile away even by people with room temperature IQ’s. Just stop trying.


Thanks! I was interested in the discussion and wanted more context.


sure, call me a troll because i made legitimate argument… That’s what you and your people do.


Well if this is true and ppl used this … well it is good that it’s not my accound. I bet blizz will reset whole accound so it’s bye everything ,they can be harsh on these chases when ppl uses exploids


That is called game companies always has been that way and will always be that way. Blizzard/Activision got SO greedy that their entire company is now suffering because of it.

They have lost a LOT of top people in the last couple of months because upper management is disgusting and usually full of people that have no care in the world because they already making millions a year.

A simple yet elusive direction for any game is keep it fresh and fair and you will always keep your people. You have to look no further then ESO online and Black Dessert Online both sucked at the beginning but are doing very very well right now ALL because the devs actually listen to the player base and implement things they want.

Blizzard has NEVER done that on the scale they need to (specially in HS)… Let Blizzard die they are old and almost as bad as EA.