When you will nerf the Druids?

Im tired of Druids using endless jade golems and milling all your deck and getting endless armor.


There is very little chance they will nerf wild for something like you describe.

I’m sorry you’ve seen it a bunch.

That’s odd.

Never really been sure why people expect wild to be balanced. Isn’t that the whole point of wild? It’s supposed to be crazy with stupid impossible combos that would never happen in standard isn’t it?

You buy the ticket, you take the ride


Maybe you are blind. My condolences.

This is also a good approach. :wink:

I recommend boar priest.

Yeah, but they do get rid of way too abusive combos like Demon seed. As for jade golems, I’ve found that Steamcleaner nicely deals with that abuse, plus the “destroy all one cost cards”. The reality of wild is that you really have to embrace the tech cards.

The card that bugs me the most is Dew Process and the way it interacts with other druid spells. One of the things in the game that the devs should really be more careful about is the ability to spam the same minions or spells over and over. That’s bad design and they should stop introducing cards that support running the same plays over and over. When one play fails, the player should have to come up with an alternative, not just repeat it by playing it again. And then again. and maybe one more time, just in case you countered it the first three times.

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Since I started playing this damn game, I enjoy playing wild mode more, but game owners don’t understand the basics: wild mode is the most fun, it should have a balance between classes, Hearthstone is a mess! Where, in what scenario does the priest steal??? Only here, Hearthstone is a bland joke of the WoW landscape. The mage is so weak it’s a support!! Mage should be the strongest class in the game and it isn’t!! She is the Druid!! Because the creator of the game plays Druid in Wow!! Makes sense??! This is all a bad joke!!

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OK. We’re in a new expansion now, and this class is still broken as hell. I’m not sure how Earthen Scales was included in an expansion which has a Devourer card that punishes you for playing well by instantly devouring 24/24 worth of stats with +24 armor for just two extra mana. Or, they can take the second best alternative and play a 0-mana 10/10 for a 2-mana +10 armor. It’s rather infuriating to play against. My experience is now win three games in a row, play four druids, lose four games in a row. Rinse and repeat.

The most frustrating thing is that there’s nothing to be done about it with such an enormous health pool to start with. They spend four turns ramping up to 8-mana, and from there they have multiple answers for anything you throw at them every turn.

Here’s a prime example of what I’m talking about: literally no minions to interact with for nine turns, then they just play a devourer and casually gain 23 armor to win the game:


Note how they got 8 armor for two mana on turn 2 just 'cause. No need to work for it or anything.

That is why we are playing standard, tho they suck at balancing standard too.

Blizzard doesn’t care about you, you’re just a whale that will continue to send them money.

That game was from standard! Here’s another:

O_O i havent seen a jade druid whine thread since jades were in standard

Probably never, they should add a passive to druid hero power " each time any minion on board dies, you get 50 armor. Look at this hero power to upgrade (500 armor). "