When will my old Authenticator be removed?

I’m posting from a different account as I can’t access my other account to play OW.

I think the old Authenticator is bugged because it still opens but I can’t close the pop up to get my code and migrate. I get told to migrate to the new one in battle net but then the new app asks me to authenticate using my old app which won’t give me a code. There’s no where to close the notice saying to migrate to battle net.

I received an email that after the 5th my Authenticator would be removed. I’ve tried to start a ticket but just get an automated response and I can’t login to respond to the ticket. I don’t even want to go through this headache if it is going to be removed anyway. When will it be removed? Shouldn’t I have had a chance to setup the new Authenticator since the old one should be retired / removed from my account as stated in the email and my password should be reset?

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