What's Your Most Annoying Merc Task?

I give a big (super frustrated) shout out to Travish’s Task 10: Big Game. Finding enough fights to deliver 30+ dmg in a single shot is annoying as heck. Granted, I had both arms tied behind me with 1) other mercs on tasks and 2) still just peeking into Blackrock and feeling comfortable in Winterspring.

There are others that have annoyed but this one is taking 4 ever! [I suppose having to come up with 18 tasks for each merc…(brain esplodes)…allows for some like this.]

Now tell me yours.

Antonidas 12: Kill three enemies in 1 turn with Fireball Storm (x15)
Fireball Storm shoots a Fireball at a random target plus an additional Fireball for each Fire ability used before it in that turn. So you have to find 3 enemies that will die to those Fireballs, use 2 Fire abilities (that have to be speed 7 or faster) that turn with other mercs (but you can’t kill anything with them) and the three enemies can’t be allowed to suicide into your team before the Fireball Storm.

The Searing Pendant equipment could be used, but that adds another turn of cooldown to Fireball Storm, so even more waiting with enemies potentially suiciding into your team before you can do your thing.

Varden 9: Deal 200 damage with Ice Lance
Ice Lance only deals damage to already Frozen targets, so you basically need 1 of two Legendary mercs to help out since there are only 3 mercs that can Freeze (Varden, Jaina & Lich King). You could hope to get the Double Time treasure for Varden, then you just have to hope that it picks Ice Lance and the same target for both procs.

While I haven’t gotten that far with Cookie yet, Cookie 9 is a lot of grinding and setup and grinding: Kill 180 Beasts.

Grommash 12: Deal 75 Deathblows
Normally, this wouldn’t be the worst, especially since you can use any ability to get the kill. However, due to Blizzard’s stupidity, it only counts against UNDAMAGED TARGETS. So I have to run the barrens over and over and over again.

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Antonidas is bugged, in that the Searing Pendant actually doesn’t increase the cooldown, so you can use it and easily do the task.

If you have the equipment that gives +5 to Aimed Shot, you can deal 30 damage to casters, even if you have already been damaged that turn.

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I did this in one fight, killing Cookies fish 75 times…

That’s not possible, you would have hit the turn limit long before then.

For Varden Task 9: I’ve detailled my strategy in another post, but here it is: get a second Varden. How?

Apothecary Helbrim (Heroic for extra oppontent health).
Team: Varden, Blink Fox, Xyrella

Take out his two bodyguards while Cycling through Blink Fox’s Mind Thief until you get Helbrim’s Potion of Illusion. Using it will give you a 1 HP copy of Varden and Xyrella. Time its use so the copies won’t get immediately attacked since Helbrim can Attack (Xyrella’s Blinding Luminance to reduce its Attack to 0) or use Potion of Madness (wait a turn). With your copies: Have the two Vardens use Ice Lance, the two Xyrellas heal the damage, and use Blink Fox’s Mana Blink: since it refreshes and speeds up your moves, it allows you to do another turn of Ice Lances while keeping Helbrim alive. Repeat the cycling of Blink Fox’s Mind Thief to find another Potion of Illusion in case your Varden copy gets taken out while waiting for Ice Lance to go off cooldown and repeat. You can Equip Varden’s Band of Frost for extra Frost damage (or get lucky and find a Treasure for extra Frost damage) to speed up slightly the process.

Also, with Blink Fox, you can also Mind Thief an opposing Varden for Ice Lance (or Jaina or Lich King for their Freezing abilities) should you get that encounter along the way, but it should be faster just heading straight for Apothecary Helbrim. Also saves you the trouble to find a Glacial Shard encounter to Mind Thief its Ice Lance or attacking with one of your Mercs and Ice Lancing him, or trips to Winterspring for the mobs that can freeze for a similar strategy. And you don’t need to have Jaina or Lich King on your team.

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Actually you are right. I was to lazy to count, so I did it in 3 fights - check how many are left inbetween. But still quite simple that way.

You could theoretically get 4 Vardens through the Mirror Reflections treasure, but I don’t know if it’s offered for him.

No longer true, the bug has been fixed. So it reverts to THE most annoying task, even though with the bug it still ranked pretty high (or is that low?).

Sylvanas task 9 is incredibly time consuming to complete.
Keeping enemies alive long enough to kill each other when you can only use her ability every 3rd turn(Blink Fox can help a bit here) is a huge pain. The only buff I can find to cast on enemies is from Tirion and it bumps their health up and shields them as well…

A lot of tasks start to feel like chores in Mercenaries. The ones that teach you to use combos and stuff are fun, but after task 7 they just get tedious.