What's your current rank this season?


So far I’m rank 9, been playing about 2-3 hours a day. Used quest druid from rank 20-15 just because it was a fun deck to use. Used control warrior from 15-10. Now continuing to grind to at least rank 5 this season.

Have an 80 percent win percentage on control warrior.
Currently I have a 78 win percentage on control mage.


This is the second time I’ve seen you bring up player ranks of forum users. Can you satisfy my curiosity and tell me why you’re so fixated on peoples ranks?


What’s wrong with asking people what rank they are at currently?


I suppose nothing really but potentially it creates an environment where people attempt to invalidate opinions of others based on rank which isn’t really healthy for constructive conversation. A rank 20 player can have reasonable insight provided they can lay out their reasoning for all to examine.


So what rank are you currently? What decks did you use to get there?


Higher than you xo.
See? Not very constructive is it? :slight_smile:


I’m just interested to see what people got this season and what decks/winrates they got with them. If you don’t care, why even post in this? It’s a pretty straight-forward question. But you’d rather attack me personally than stick to the topic.


And where exactly did I attack you?


Hi healbot-2.0,

Made new youtube channel yet?


I just make it a goal monthly to get to rank 15, for the rewards. I don’t bother going further because that would stress me out.

I then play casual and test out decks. I have more fun that way. Playing more for fun of the game than ranks.


Playing usually to hit 15. What decks? My own secret hunter version has been my latest deck. Casually. Im not too bothered with ranked.


Wild rank 5 or 4. Did hit 3 but then had a string of bad luck. Its not easy down here.


I dont play ranked because its not a test if skill but rather proof of no life of a flesh robot.

WikiHowTo Make Ranked in Hearthstone.

  1. look up highest win rate decks in the Internet.
  2. Copy code off internet and tell the game to make that deck in HS collection
  3. Sit your butt in a chair and play the over 50% win rate decks again and again and again and again.

Like you said, "grinding your way to 5’. So you sit and move forward a little, get stopped by loss, maybe even go back a step. Then win a few to get a little ahead then get stopped, then maybe go ahead. Then stopped and maybe a step back and then back to going forward.

Time is shortened by favorable matchups. Recognizing everyone is playing Deck X so I will switch to my Y deck which beats X nearly 60% of the time.

Oh I was rank 1 in Tetris at my bar in 2004. Impressed? No? But I was a ranked champion! See, its the same when someone says they are ranked champion in an online video game. No one cares unless youre Ninja or Dr Disrespect making millions doing it.


Lots of people barely play Ranked mode 1-2 days a month and reach below 5 consistently. Others play daily for the entire month and never reach below 8.

Like it or not, it’s a test of skill. Especially when grinding Legend. You’ll never get into the high numbers with just 60%WR. Hearthstone being a statistical game where games must be played in bulk to evaluate doesn’t make skill obsolete.


You mean the same skill it takes this expansion to step past 25 spell damage for two turns, or know what 20+ cards of your class they have stolen from you, or to out last the 55+ card generation, or the random cards that give you random cards. Ya ill say if you can figure out all that you do have skill, and thats your wasting it playing a card game lol.


Just hit 5 today in my everlasting push for Legend with a 62% winrate. I think I’m finally gonna break like rank 3 this month!

I strictly play Control Warrior and have a great time doing it.


Thank you.

I also play piano. Been at it for 13 years. I do hiking and I occasionally workout with friends, too. On weekends I sometimes play street tennis with a sports group. We use the side of an old elementary school, it’s very fun.

Since you seem to care so much about how I spend my spare time I figured I’d tell you.


Good for you Elton John. Your right if you cant enjoy life it isnt worth living. Good for you.


Heh, greetings. Control warrior’d my way to legend this month. Join us and see you in ladder. Lok’tar Ogar!


God bless you. For all you do.