What's happend to Arena?


Hi all,
I have start to play hearthstone again after a 7 month break, I play only arena cause don’t have time and money for good constructed.
What’s happend’s to Arena ?
I see always the same cards, and it became a lot easier. I managed to make 3 times 8/3 wich was more difficult before !
It’s not funny anymore, I don’t find what I use to feel.
Is it because of the the last extention ?
Help me !


Since April, they introduced a 2 month rotating format for Arena. You would have noticed some old cards in there.


Hearthstone Update – July 1 – Preparing for Saviors of Uldum!

My guess is that you don’t have that many overall wins in arena, and so you’re now matched with worse players, resulting in more wins and easier matches.


Thx for those informations.
I created a new acount, so i’m really low lvl, i understand better why I win so much.


You’re welcome. Glad I could help. Have fun and gl pwning dem newbs!


I think the changes to Arena is great. Yes you see more of the same cards (rotating though) but you get more consistent drafts, and games.


When someone comes in and says “so much easier”. “I don’t find the fele I use to have.”

This doesn’t sing like someone just pretending how the current changes are and would like to see it go back to the way it was?

Want hard? Pick Mage or Hunter. Want easy? Pick Paladin or Shaman.


What are you even on about… Get your mind out of the gutter state it’s in. Ridiculous post.

OP didn’t mean anything even remotely close to what you said, so other than you being drenched in negativity I don’t see how one could come to such a conclusion.
He merely stated a FACT that it was easier and wondered why, and post matchmaking change it is easier if you’re an experienced arena player with a new account.

And your classes are all wrong. Hunter is top 2 class right now. Mage is 4th. Paladin 5th and Shaman is 8th, with a mere 43.7% overall winrate. Get your facts straight instead of spewing vomit.


If you play Rogue though and use Hallucination vs a Paladin. You will get to discover a 6 cost minion give it divine shield and taunt. Seen it happen 100% 3 times.


Also Druid.

Druid is super easy with all the old Jaspers Spellstones (clutch removal) and Branching paths. You can get that good old 50+ armor during the game with paths.

You can also draft the legend right off the bat that says if no duplicates in deck duplicates all cards in your hand. Duplicate those spellstones and path.


Do you even play arena? Druid is the worst class right now, by far.
And you never build an arena deck with no duplicates, that’s not how it works, it’s too low of a chance and the payoff is not worth it. This is absurd…


I won 6 games with it. Maybe I am just a better pilot with it than you?

Priest gets some nice cards. silence is always good. Steal a minion for a turn is good. The old Tortilla Shell and Double Health.

The really nice one is when your opponent drops the killer swing card and then you just pick it up and shuffle it into you deck.


Sure, you did, but just because you got lucky on the draft. It is not a reliable strategy, at all.
Advising people to build their decks that way is just misinformative and wrong.

From what I read so far I really doubt that you are. And if you are - all the more power to ya, I’m happy for you. But 6 runs is not at all high, it should be a decent players average. And I do have many 10-12 win runs, so I think that lends me at least some credibility.


Looks like you are basing your opinion on 1 draft. Legendaries in Arena isnt a dime a dozen. Getting perhaps 1 in 4-5 drafts is my experience atleast.


I stopped paying/using gold to play arena when hero cards couldn’t be drafted anymore (I was playing priest) but my adversary (rogue) discovered anduin hero card against me. I’m not gonna spend my money if they can’t even enforce their own crappy rules. If I wanted to gamble with my money, I would go to vegas.