What ya got saved up for the upcoming expansion?

My Original teacher! Welcome back, Jonius!


Thank you, Mal!
I tend to read topics and not really reply to most of them these days.

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but …you have 20k gold and path of arthas will cost 2000 gold

I prefer to save my gold so I have some for a rainy day when I don’t pre-order, like Castle Nathria, or Alterac Valley

I guess I don’t like the idea of having to pay for another miniset


I was thinking about it.

In the end I decided my 20k gold should be sufficient for everything I want. And I can just keep up getting the next Battlepass.


How have you not quit the game yet?!?!?

Paladin has been awful basically since rotation.

I find it fascinating when players only play one class.

It’s like trying to do hand stands without hands, lol.

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It’s not as bad as you think. I myself just play Wild and Casual.
You can play single classes pretty well when you have access to all cards.

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Yeah, I don’t understand it either. :rofl:

I’ve tried convincing Mall to play another class, but he won’t budge haha

I think people miss out on a lot of fun they don’t know they’re missing out of. Also, a lot of classes have the same style of play in different decks, just different cards to do it. Control Priest, Control Paladin, Control Warrior, Control Warlock all play a lot alike, but card interactions and the end result is different - but I still get the same satisfaction out of all of them.

I think playing 1 class just increases the chance that you’ll dislike the game because eventually, the 1 class you play will just be mediocre of make the game feel stagnant.

I honestly believe that people who play more classes likely enjoy the game more, have a better understanding of the game balance and unbalance, and adapt easier to each expansion.

Everyone knows I’m a Priest main, but people likely don’t know I play Paladin and Warlock heavily as well followed by Shaman and Rogue. You can also catch me playing Mage, Druid and Hunter and Warrior if Control Warrior exists. You’ll almost never catch me playing Demon Hunter lol.


I have been playing wig priest recently… which plays like, well, libram paladin, lol.

This is very true, but it’s also the case that they don’t understand the game as well.

The best way to learn to beat a deck is to learn to play it.

So all your posts are lies?

Because you have nothing good to say about the game, which makes this statement above pretty suspect, tbh.

And I am not trying to attack you at all, just trying to grasp how you can be so full of vitriol towards the game yet tell me that playing one class is “not that bad” because everything your write says it’s even worse than that bad.

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7.5k gold and I have 5030 dust I could disenchant, but I’m waiting to see if there’s nerfs. I’m pretty sure I assumed Ice Revenant would never be nerfed so I disenchanted my extra copies of it and I am KICKING myself.

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I picked up the mega bundle. I really didn’t like the price tag on it, but it really looked like so much more of a deal than the regular.

I also will probably have about 4500 gold and 15k dust.

I am going to go blind the first week and see if i can’t get some death knight deck to work for me enough to push it into legend.

Probably will fail miserably and be at vicious by mid month. Looking forward to it though. I am one of those that like to play all classes. Too much of one gets stale for me.

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This really reminds me of maining in Overwatch. Players very often will main a single character when the game is based around flexing (changing to appropriate heroes). It is a problem you face more or less throughout all ranks.

I’ll tell you what. Playing new heroes is like playing a new game. It is so very fun and I never have until recently. You realize quickly how much you’re missing.


Please let it go. I would rather this topic didn’t become an argument for nothing.

I don’t know how much you like opening packs… but from what you have written you for sure enjoy NOT opening packs (enjoying for weeks and months the anticipation of opening packs)

Yah, this happens quite often in other games as well. I know in League of Legends you’ll have someone that just mains 1 character and they won’t get the main role of that character so they use that character in a role they aren’t meant for and they just throw the game. It’s the equivalent of saying you’re a punter on a football team but you fill the role of a quarterback and instead of throwing the ball to your teammates you kick it every time you get it and just purposefully lose the game because you didn’t get what you want.

Yup! I think we could see a correlation of people who dislike the game and people who only play 1 or 2 classes in Hearthstone. I find the game to be fun again when I change classes.


7k gold, 12k dust, 10 packs, 7 years of wild cards ready to disenchant. Still undecided if I’ll buy the rewards track, I wasn’t going to but the latest reveals made me more interested in the set. Haven’t preordered since Ashes of Outland, it’s really unnecessary.

Well it’s the only reasonable thing for me to do is hold onto these packs because I already own all standard cards. Could you clarify?

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Still waiting on my account to go inactive so I can log in for the returning deck, but it’s been like 5 months since I last played and I’m not understanding why it’s not gone inactive. I should have 2k gold for the new set and possibly the previous set because I don’t have any packs from that either.

The game sucks compared to say: Six years ago.
But you said you can’t really play the game with only one class.
That isn’t true. You can play in Wild and casual if you have cards.
I have been doing it for years.

Right. Keep telling yourself that.

I’m just saying you seem to hate the game and you only play with one class… I don’t understand how you can say you’re happy only playing one class when none of your posts seem like you’re happy with the game.

But it doesn’t matter what anyone else says, does it?