What ya got saved up for the upcoming expansion?

How many packs do you have waiting? What kind of packs? How much gold do you have saved?

I’ve been saving up for a while now. I have 5 warlock packs. 5 shaman packs. 5 priest packs. 10 mage packs. This is all from buying portraits that come along with class packs. I also have 51 standard packs saved and so because I own all standard cards they’re practically March of the Lich King packs. Lastly I have 6265 gold and 57175 dust.

I haven’t been playing however cannot wait to open my packs. I love opening packs for whatever reason. I really enjoy those small doses of dopamine.

So whatcha got? :cowboy_hat_face:


I thought I’d a few pictures of what I have.

I caved and purchased the smaller bundle. :stuck_out_tongue:

  • have ca. 25 Standard packs, still miss a number of standard cards and wonder whether I should wait until after next reset to open them.
  • am just shy of 6k Gold, will use 4k and let 2 k in the bank for MIniset or DK set
  • gonna open the smaller pre-purchase, so about 100 packs in total.

If you’re such a dop(e)amine person, try to get into serotonine instead - walnuts and chocolade might be cheaper. XD


37830 gold 2415 dust

Only spending my standard 5K gold for 50 packs.

Gonna try out Unholy DK and Spellbreaker Warrior, then probably take an extended break from Hearthstone.


Just a bit shy of 2k gold (which i should reach easily by the time the expansion drops) and then a couple of LK packs locked til the expansion drop.

Had 2k more gold but put that into older expansions to get a few cards that i had wanted but didn’t wanna craft at the time. But fortunately the gold grind ain’t too bad.


well, i got 4k gold for the next expansion so it might give me some good once the expansion is live, uhm 3 normal packs, alrdy 2 lich king packs and 1 nathrius pack w8ing to be opened. so yea i wil just wait and perhaps just save up to maybe 4,4k ?

but yea that is what i got atm.
my aim for now is mage but if the game decides to throw me towards a different direction then yea okay why not?

Edit: oh yea i forgot to mention that i would probably gain a few extra lich king packs after this reset if i am not mistaken tho since i passed plat 5. so that would be 3 extra packs i think?


i got around 3k im just gonna buy the death knight adventure with it and focus on death knight even if its bad


I’ve got 6600 gold saved up and like 2 packs. Around 3k dust. Really excited for this expansion!

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I only have two packs, about 750 gold & zero dust. I usually buy the small bundle, but this time I’m only going to buy the Reward Track Upgrade. The thing is that I play so much that I get lots & lots of packs, which quickly become mostly 40 dust, furthermore I only play Paladin, so I don’t need a bunch of cards I won’t ever play.

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I was expecting you to be one of these people that has tons and tons of gold and packs because… well… you’re smarter than me haha.

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Got nearly 7k gold atm. 9.6k dust, and a basic preorder. Looking forward to the set!

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No no not at all. I never intentionally save anything except always make sure I have 2k gold to by mini expansion. I always buy the bundles =(

I r teh dum

Oh, you buy the bundles? This is the first expansion where I very fortunately don’t have to spend a dime. I essentially made good investments in the past and saved stuff this time.

Edit: I normally buy the mini-bundle so nothing against that just to be clear.

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Yeah, I always buy the bundles. I usually buy both but I’m not sure I need to buy both this time because of all the gold I have. Can probably get away with just the main one. I really suck at saving gold and dust

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Yeah, you probably don’t need to buy both. 80 packs should be good. Then the gold and packs you earn from the track.

Kinda low i was away for a few months.
2650 gold usualy im much higher but il still get most of the cards eventually.

7 k gold. Probably buy 50 packs and save the rest. Must be careful when you’re f2p.

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I’ve never been FTP but this time around I am so grateful that I made irresponsible payments beforehand so as I now do not have to spend a dime. Haha! I’ve been saving these damn packs for a long time now.

Edit: @WorriedCheez I do have you added right?

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I stopped saving packs this expansion.
44K in gold thus far.
9800 Dust.

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Man. The decks you could play if only you’d separate yourself from the mage class! :smiley:

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I have around 20k gold and 55k dust saved up. Am still debating on whether I get the mega bundle (for Path of Arthas Set)