What to Craft Next


I’m in the mood to craft a Classic Legendary. Here’s what I’m lacking:

Nat Pagle
Baron Geddon

Leaning toward Cairne or Velen. Suggestions?


Over spark can actually be clutch and against tall buffing mech decks right now.


golden versions of the cards (especially Cho)

(All jokes aside. If it came down to Velen or Cairn. I would take Velen, but in your shoes I personally would craft cairn myself because that leaves a chance of me getting golden velen from a classic pack. By that logic, I would craft cho, you don’t want to open a golden cho in your classic pack)


I’d actually say Geddon as it is seeing/saw play as a tech against token druid


I think that if you craft Cairne is better for you because you will have the option to use the card in a lot of decks because Cairne is a neutral legendary minion. If you craft Velen you will only be able to use the card in priest decks.


Cairne is a lot of fun in Deathrattle Hunter.

Geddon also gets mileage as a board clear in control decks.


Lorewalker Cho. Put him in a rogue deck. Add Vargoth.

Sit back and enjoy the shenanigans.


Is Thinkmaster Overspark worth crafting for control decks such as Reno decks (Warlock and Mage) for countering Big Priests, Jade Druids, etc.?


Craft Millhouse, you won’t

Completely joking of course


On the other hand, Cairne will most likely be a replacement, but Velen can’t be replaced:

If meta decks run Velen, he is very crucial in combos and a key card. Cairne on the other hand is only used as a filler and often there are even better minions, like Savannah High Mane or Mechanical Welp with better synergies.

Summary: Cairne is mostly okayish, while Velen can be amazing.


Thanks folks! Pretty much came down to Cairne’s flexibility vs Velen’s strength. Went for Cairne. Velen next month.



You really NEED to run him against mage.
He is unstoppable!