What is the point of Solo

From what I am gathering from playing this is you just simply lose on these solo adventures until somehow you get a hand lucky enough to deal with the absurdity of the enemy…

Currently on Blackrock Blademaster… seriously… 3 damage targatable with 1 damage AOE Hero power for ONE Mana…

This is probably the most poorly designed game iv’e ever played.

Not to mention the pre selected cards I get seem to be the perfect anti counter to this stupidity.

The point is fun. All but the Dungeon runs have totally failed at that for me, but there are people who feel the opposite way.


The only one that I’ve ever enjoyed is Tombs of Terror and ones where you can use your own decks. If it wasn’t for the rewards, I would not bother with anything Solo.

Dalaran Heist was good too. George the Fallen needs to be a playable hero in all modes.


The only problem with Dalaran Heist is the poor balance. There is some no brainer Treasures (like Robes of Gaudiness) and some trash tier treasures. This includes passives and actives.

Tombs of Terror have a way better balance on the treasures and you don’t need the OP ones to reach the final boss. Even then, there is plenty of trash treasures that I dunno why they make them so weak.

To get some good cards in Wild or if you are into cool hero portraits or to get some free packs…

Some of them are difficult, but they are all beatable. They aren’t supposed to be super easy, but more variety of single player game modes would be fun.