What deck has the best all round matchup spread?

Hi i am lookign for a deck that has a good matchup spread in the emerging meta i know all decks can beat any deck but id like a versatile deck.

Probably Warrior.

Can beat OTK decks by stacking Armor.
Can beat Control decks through Odyn.

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He is rather weak to druid is he not u can stil win i saw a streamer lose as a druid so it not a garanteed win :slight_smile:


But that’s the only bad matchup i would say. I haven’t played Ladder so i don’t know how prevalent Druid is, and if he is then i would be wrong suggesting Warrior.

Still i would argue it’s the most versatile deck if it only loses to Druid. But that wouldn’t matter if Druid has a 20% play rate, so i couldn’t tell you for sure if Warrior is the best option.

A suggestion is the best i can do. :+1:

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Prepatch Control Warrior’s only bad matchup was Chad Warlock. All Druids were even or better, no bad Druid matchups. Try actually reading the VS report.

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There is no deck that has “guaranteed victory” vs everything, each deck has its pros and cons

You ask for a deck with a good spread of matchups, so warrior is one, but it also depends on your meta.

If your meta has a lot of druids, then using warrior may be a bad idea, in that case, use another deck that has good winrate against druid.

The detail is that when it comes to climbing positions, you must adapt, and know how to play your decks well, and when to change from one deck to another, in order to have a positive winrate

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Prepatch VS does not discuss Tony Druid, which is the deck that is now countering warrior extremely hard and dominating the top of the ladder. The report opened with a comment on the newness of this deck and how it could not discuss it yet.

Warrior has mostly disappeared from the top 200 of ladder. It is all druids and a few rogues.

Edit: as to op’s question, I’d say if you really know how to pilot it, Tony druid has virtually no bad matchup. Mech rogue and Arcane hunter are the most even in my experience. If you aren’t confident with this deck and you’re not seeing many druids, Warrior is still a great option. Arcane hunter or mech rogue are also still solid, but depends on the meta you’re in.

Renathal control warrior with odyn is pretty good against most everything except single player druid.
Its not a pure odyn warrior but rather a control warrior with odyn in it. But can also fight for board and tempo pretty well when needed.

Thank you i do realise that we learn how to play matchups better the more we play etc especially if you stick to one deck which i havent done alot last month il try and do it more.

However i was just asking what deck has a better overall matchup spread i was just curious but than you for the reply my friend as well as everyone else thanks for the advice :slight_smile:

Arcane Hunter is pretty solid overall, it has potential to win against pretty much everything with a good draw as you can do like 20 damage burst from hand in single turn fairly reliably, as well as get 12/12 stats on board turn 4.

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Good catch.

I would still answer Control Warrior. Maybe control warrior has two bad matchups, one of which is Tony druid. Maybe it’s still only has one bad matchup. But we don’t have any data on Tony Druid matchups at all.

Paladin and Hunter ATM.

Putting a secondhand report and/or talking over actually playing at top legend can be two different things for knowing if a deck is actually good at top ranks though.

If you see a deck at top 100-1000 legend, VS is just telling those players the information secondhand.

It’ll often have good data mass data yes over thousands of games, and tell good averages, but even within decks, sometimes dozens of variations might exist.

When im interested for pushing 11 star bonus ranks months, (2x star bonus through D5-D1/Higher legend), often it seems i tend to keep up to date on what the top players i butt heads into are running.

Whether that works for most is subjective, and i still think Versus is still a great resource, but i don’t really think it trumps knowing what the actual top players are running, tech cards or variations they might be trying, testing them, (if you happen to have the cards).

And if one is a refiner, trying to identify which cards seem weakest, which one sit most dead in hand, trying to analyze what tested variants have the best performance and understand the why and how that makes one good.

Since sometimes VS just gives the 1 most popular version of a deck, and sometimes it gets ran to hell, teched against, or might be a slightly outdated. Sometime lists might vary by just a few cards, but those are enough to flip over one matchup while tweaking winrate against another.

Some tech cards might counter combo heavy decks from drawing or discounting heavily, others might try to slow them down. Other’s might focus on the deck’s win condition. Others might try to mitigate or counter anothers, etc.

Especially when deck popularity itself can heavily affect how much a deck might be worth tuning against to face.

That’s not to say VS is a worthless resource, it’s a pretty useful one for knowing trends, double confirming high end contenders, checking matchup trends.

But when it comes to a massive card playing deck like tony druids in wild or standards, it can definitely be true someone consistently dominating with it at top 100 might mean more than 100 copycats flailing, and dragging the wrs down in a Vs report.

A lot of decks can be kinda nonsense to face, but wild or standard. Tony druid is definitely one of those decks you could have two people playing it, and one might pilot it to top 200, pulling off perfect 20 card chain combos and pull off the otk.

The other person could play the exact same list, but botch the combos or make misplays, run out of time, or be missing knowledge of certain matchup outs or combos.

And tony druid is definitely one of those decks where it can be a lot of BS to face against, but the Pilot can make a massive rank difference.

And i’ve definitely seen and heard a few players play it to high/ Top 50-300 legend both formats or even watched/played a few. It’s certainly true that no one knows much about the average joe performance, and a lot of pilots are mediocre even at decent 2k-1k legend ranks.

But it’s a deck that definitely does have top 50-300 legend players, and a lot of mediocre/learning ones as well.

Why is everyone just guessing without quoting the data? It’s not hard to find.

Secret Hunter, Arcane Hunter, Enrage Warrior and Silver Hand Paladin all have similar % WRs at the moment and it’s bit rock paper scissors between these decks, Thadd Warlock and Drum Druid are alright too but not as consistent now.

Control Warr has dropped off