Weathering Winterspring (Mercenaries) - Help!

I look my first shot at Winterspring this AM and got crushed out the gate. I don’t have a full compliment of 30s yet, but one is 27 and one 28.

Rather than detailing who I got, what has worked for you? Any mercs especially good for the zone? Good synergies for it?


Yeah, Winterspring is a real uptick in difficulty. I went in with a team of all 30s and got stomped the first time after mostly cruising through The Barrens and Felwood. Only after I had crafted some ability upgrades for the team was I able to beat anything.

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Good? to know, thanks!

Xyrella + Cariel + Samuro makes for a solid baseline if you upgrade their abilities.

Xyrella should focus on Blinding Luminance and the Equipment that buffs it. It’s one of the best PvE abilities.

Cariel wants her Taunt at a level where it lasts (at least) 2 turns. Her +attack while Taunted gear works well here.

Samuro using his Burning Blade equipment and Double Strike will synergize well with Xyrella using Blinding Luminance on his target, and the combo should allow you to either heavily damage or outright remove an enemy.

Beyond those three, you should probably just bring reasonably upgraded backups for each of their roles. Level 1 abilities are not going to cut it in Winterspring or BRM.

You should note that several of the elementals in the zone have abilities that get countered by Fire damage, so if you have a merc with a Fire AoE they’re going to be a good option in those encounters.


You need to upgrade some abilities and equipment to have a better chance of survival.

Maxing the character level is only one part of the issue.


I have used Nature setup to clear winterspring and blackrock including the bosses Malfurion, Bru´kan and Guff. But need upgrades. Guff and Bru is maxed still need rank 5 on Mal.
The passive from malfurion wich heal everytime you cast a nature ability are the lifesaver, and when the passive is rank 4 you hardly run into any problem, on normal at least. I dont play more than Felwood heroic. Because its to hard, and I get enough coins doing quests on normal.

I still need the last 2 bosses in Blackrock tho. Dont think ill do them, they are hard.

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