We Should Have Two End of Season Rewards for Wild and Standard


It may even promote Wild game play for the rewards… but sounds too logical though.


Yes. I made it to Rank 11 last season. I found Big Priest annoying but not necessarily oppressive. I’m sure you see it a lot more often the higher you climb but it IS beatable. It sucks and it needs something done to stop it but in the meantime, Wild is still very much playable.

On the one hand, should I stop playing because Big Priest exists? Do I allow Big Priest to run my life or determine the level of fun I have…or do I keep playing a game I love and not let this one deck ruin my love of the game?

Yes, Big Priest needs a nerf, but no, I refuse to be bullied out of a game/format I’ve come to love but I understand that not everyone thinks the same way. By the time the match is over, I’ve already forgotten about it so I don’t see the point in hyper-focusing on this one minor negative thing.

They say it only takes one bad apple to ruin the whole bunch but as a kid we had an apple tree in our yard. I can assure you I found just as many good apples as I did bad ones. I can also assure you I have more memories of what I did with the good apples than I do of casting aside the bad apples.

I refuse to let one bad apple ruin a hobby I love. I mean, I’m pretty big into Hearthstone. I play it, read about it, write about it, etc. I’m not going to stop playing because of a broken deck. If that were the case, I would have quit after…

Quest Rogue.
Pirate Warrior.
Jade Druid.
Raza Priest.
Naga Seawitch.

And etc. Big Priest is a problem but it’s not big enough for me to sit here and not play the game. It just isn’t. It may be that way for other players and I fully respect that but that isn’t who I am. I dictate my fun: not my opponent. If I don’t feel like dealing with it, I just concede and move onto the next match.

Makes the climb a bit more difficult but it maximizes my fun so it’s a win for me. :slight_smile:


Wild is in NO WAY less diverse of the two modes even due to Big Priest. Right now Big Priest is ~17% of my competition, equal to Paladin (mostly Odd but some others).

Big Priest is by far the meta warping deck int he format; however, let’s not act like there is no deck diversity in Wild or that it is less than Standard. At rank 3 to rank 2 yesterday, for instance, in 10 games I saw:

  • 2x Kingsbane Rogue (I think this is the most common deck)
  • 2x Burn Mage, 1x Tempo Mage
  • 1x Even Shaman
  • 1x Baku Warrior
  • 1x Odd Hunter
  • 1x Even Warlock
  • 2x Token Druid

And I was playing Murloc Shaman. So in 10 games, including my deck, you saw 9 different decks be playing out of 11 possible decks (including my own). I’d be shocked if I could see the same at ranks 3 - 2 in diversity in Standard during most metas.


that’s what I like about Wild. Yes, there are crazy oppresive decks that you can mostly do nothing about, but the Wild players always voluntarily mix it up. One day it’s big Priests/ brave attempts at Giantslock, the next day there’s pirates everywhere! What fun!


Strangely it’s 3 out of 5 matches I do (and I swear that I started taking notes - around 3:5 is what I get for weeks now)


Variance is a thing, friend, and while we cannot deny what kind of play experiences you yourself is having, you also cannot deny the data.


There is no reward that Blizzard is willing to give that would get me to play even a game of Wild


All I can do is report what my tracker has. I do think Odd Paladin + Kingsbane Aggro Rogue + Big Priest is probably 55% of the meta or so; however, the other 45% is fairly fragmented outside of Burn Mage which is probably ~7% or so.


Where do I get good matchup data for HS? (serious question)


For Wild… really no where.

Vicious Syndicate will make a Wild report; however, it is usually ~40K games over 1 month so it isn’t nearly as accurate as their Standard data (~60k over 1 week). That is part of the fun of Wild is that no one has great data so it helps keep the format a tad fresher… I think.


Thanks. Because seriously? ~17% Big Priest? (eventhough just 17 would already be enough) I get WAY more than that.


just like there’re only 3 decks in wild, big priest, pirate rogue and murloc shaman?

that’s why i faced 7 big priests in a row yesterday in wild?


I’ve seen all variety of decks.

shrugs Like attracts like, I guess.


It could be that the Big Priests games are more impactful (negatively) to them than games where there would be other decks, because for me in wild (ranks 25- 15 today), I’ve seen meta and cooky concoctions alike.


From rank 3 to rank 2 I saw 9 different decks out of 11 possible (including my one deck) yesterday.

Also, I haven’t even seen another Murloc Shaman in 51 games playing the deck.


Wild cards include Standard-legal cards, so if there would still be only one chest rewarded at the end of the season, this is rarely a desirable outcome.

  • Such a change would only help those who manage to maintain a large Standard collection but climb up to a certain rank in Wild, and by corollary either those who only play Wild or those who consistently play both formats anyway.
  • For those players who play both formats but don’t have a huge Standard collection, which is presumably a large proportion of Wild players, this would actually be detrimental.

If you mean that the Wild chests should grant Wild-exclusive cards in addition to the Standard chests granting Standard-legal cards, then I am entirely in agreement. :yum:


I mean that if you gain the most stars/rank in Wild, you get Wild cards. If you gain the most stars/rank in standard, you get standard cards.

Essentially, it would be players choice. For Wild cards, every season, rewards could be from a different set.


What Phobe is saying is that ALL cards are wild cards. I know what youre saying as well, and sorta agree with it, which is rotated cards as a wild reward if thats the format you have achieved the highest rank in for that season.

Makes sense to me for wild players to receive wild exclusive cards if its their format of choice.


Yeah just change the pool for “Standard Legal” to “All.” has no real impact but I think it’d be a nice show is all.


i guess the meta is different on eu then