Wasted Coins on mercs that are max out

I play this game casually, i still dont have the 1st PVP battle since i dont think i will ever get a team max in time to fight someone else before they nerf current top team.

i have notice that on my max chars i have over 1,614 coins that i will never use, even if they expand this mercs is kind of a waste to have so many coins wasted (including coins that came from packs).

why havent blizzard fix mercs when they are max out, there is no need for coins on those caracters, same way as you do with task, once you reach 18 there is no point, give those coins random or something.

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Sooner or in future … thoses Coin gonna be useful again … so its still good to collect them When the Tasks from 18 going to 25+ … (Maybe for a new Equipment) then the Coins gonna be useful again…

Stage 1 Max bonus +1 attack +5 health
Stage 2?
I feel they will be so expensive like
300 coins for 1 lvl

I can’t in good conscience play Mercenaries. It seems so clearly a crash grab. The graphics are abysmal. It was intended that players will receive coins for mercenaries that are already max’d out. It’s intentionally grindy to boost player engagement metrics. You never feel good opening packs because you lose the opportunity to discover future mercenaries. The mode was not designed in good faith whatsoever.

Don’t take this comment as an insult. If you are having fun playing the mode, that’s great. I just caution you to beware of spending too much money and/or coins on this mode.

I grinded more and most of my rares are 3,000+ and even for some epic mercs. Every time I clicked on one of their profiles these numbers just reminded me of how exhausting my grind was. I really hope these waste coins can turn into pixie dusts, or at least trade at some ratio for designated epic/legendary coins.