Warlock Titan: Sargeras

The imp portal should only remain active while sargeras is on board and should be removed upon his removal, Change my mind.

Disclaimer; this isn’t a typical “nerf this please” thread, its a genuine thought that a never ending board presence can end up being much more powerful than the other “for the rest of the game” theme cards. Odin for warrior for example basically provides enormous value to warrior, but warrior’s cards can be costly and they need the high cost value for certain cards to remain high value and to benefit odins effect.

Yes, the other titans also have their own form of static effects I am happy to see some of the titan cards performing well for their classes respectively, but isn’t it a bit much that the portal just stays if he dies? I mean take norgannon for example, his static is that his next ability doubles in strength, but you remove him and thats the end. Same with Aman’thul and discover a legendary.

I know his entire theme is built around the portal itself, but should that not also conclude that the portal disappear once hes destroyed?

Hes already a 12 health titan which is pretty large comparatively to the rest which makes removing him to stop him buffing the portal already an expensive turn if you’re even lucky enough to draw the right cards. But his health is fine, its the portal itself which I find a bit much.

You have to expend far too many resources in a single turn just to deal with an endless taunt spawn.

Almost guaranteed if they finally decide to nerf hunter, the next deck those players will switch too will be curselock with sargeras or some form zoolock with sargeras (which I think is already occuring to a degree at legend?) + the location. Unless of course they go even smoother brain and go mech rogue lol

Edit: Compromise Changes;

  • Upon using his second ability and then subsequent removal, the portal remains for 3 turns. If he uses all 3 abilities the portal is destroyed after all minions have been sucked into the portal.

This keeps the card interactive post removal, but doesn’t keep it permanent either and adds a little bit more thought to how its used as well.


what are you going to call making sargeras unplayable …a “buff”?


Don’t be snide. If you read further, the thread is based on a thought of its passive potential . I am not making this thread purely for the sake of “I hate this card”. I don’t hate the concept, I just think its a little much.

I’d even compromise that it remains for X amount of turns after his removal. But permanent is too much imo.

I don’t really understand some people here.


you are suggesting a nerf with the goal to make the card unplayable…thats by defintiion a “typical nerf thread” others at least suggest it to be a passive location so renovator can be used to destroy it

instead you suggested anerf tthat wouldmake the card something you wouldnt want to run


Alright let me ask you something.

Are any of the other ability based titans unplayable because their effects on board are removed?

Specifically the ABILITY based titans, not just any titans.

You should also read my suggestion at the bottom of my thread which i’ve added with an edit;

Further; if it nerfs his play too hard, he can see a cost reduction buff, as 9 mana would not be reasonable.

You really don’t like discussions do you? Your first instinct is too just dismiss instead of actually discussing it. If people weren’t so dogmatic in their thought maybe the devs would listen to the players more. “maybe”.


Why are we comparing the titans? Sargeras is unique. Get over it.


Because Boreas suggested it would be unplayable. Which is why I asked the question. It would also be nice if you didn’t completely remove the context from my question in your quote of my words. You might of actually answered your own question without a need for a quote had you read the conversation properly lol

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since all titans have abilities

which other titans puts something in play with its battlecry and its abilites are useless without it

there isnt other titans like sargeras

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Okay, so if they nerf Sargeras and remove the ability to create a stable board and an “automatic concede”. Than EVERY OTK and combo win deck needs to go as well. So all minions lose charge(IE: kill King Krush). Then any spell that can be pointed face for damage needs to be changed to just minions only. Hunter, Mage, Paladin, DH, Druid, Rogue and DK hero powers need to be changed since they create inevitability.

That should leave us with basically a true curve stone game where the person that wins is the one with the superior mulligan who can curve out from turn one. Sounds like an exciting game.

An alternative take would be to not play a deck where you are completely shut down by one card or maybe realize if you are playing that type of deck that Sargeras is a hard counter card. IE: The scissors to your paper.

Cards that create INEVITABILITY are a good thing unless you just enjoy playing minions to the board and trading back and forth for 20 minutes till someone runs out of resources. In that case i would suggest something like Chess.

Sargeras is a perfectly fine card.


I just wanna point out i have THOUSANDS of quest discolock games under my belt and that endless 3/2 portal is NOT an immediate “i win” button in and of jtseld

IF it were to be netfed i would guess itd be by removing the extra +2 health OR removing taunt from that one ability

The portal itself? Cmon, guy. Did Lakkari Sacrifice or Neeru ever scare you?


Also, just get lucky and Dirty Rat the Sargeras out of his hand. The portal is a battlecry, and Rat completely cucks him. The 3 abilities don’t work without the portal either, so at that point it’s just a 6/12 that can’t attack.

…or even Theotar Sargeras for yourself because why not.

The only reasonable “nerf” I could see is maybe (MAYBE) once Sargeras is no longer on the board, the imps from the portal no longer have taunt. To remove the portal completely is too big of a slap in a face and would likely turn Sargeras into nothing more than a 9 mana board clear that comes with a board presence, which isn’t entirely useless, but much better players than myself would likely find more efficient replacements in their decks over Sargeras if they removed his portal upon his removal.


I didn’t suggest it was an I win button. I simply know people here like to be snarky and say dumb things like “just concede” or some other nonsense.

Now THAT is a good addition to the discussion, I would be ok with that, like one of its primary issues imo is the fact its taunt as well not just endless minions, though the taunt part did slip my mind as I think I was more focused on the portal itself.

You’re exaggerating a bit too much. Though I would happily see Krush turned to a board control minion with rush instead of charge.

That said, I don’t agree with the premise that inevitability is good, that implies all inevitability is good for the game, which isn’t necessarily true. I do agree however with the underlying thought that endless power creep is why the game is so badly balanced to begin with, even if that thought came from a sarcastic exaggeration of a relevant but different topic.

Yes I have also thought about “playing something else” lol, god its almost as if I genuinely wanted too discuss it.

I think what you’re really after here is “Cards that provide interactive value to the player and their deck once played are good” You don’t suddenly lose all interactive value simply because something is not inevitable. I would actually be fine if everything was nerfed across the board and long term interactivity of matches was restored, because the matches I remember from a very long time ago now, games were drawn out yes but what made them so much fun was the creativity that came from using less impactful cards in combination rather than singular cards loading specific things like OTK decks do.

But you are correct even if it was snarky that I would enjoy the game more at a slower pace, I’ve played sif OTK, Warrior OTK, Token Druid so far and honestly, warrior is the only one I find even remotely enjoyable. I find building around singular cards to be very boring by comparison to some other times in the games past. OTK is just a high numbers junkie play tbh. Not very interesting, very dull and isn’t creative at all.

My mistake, point taken. I misremembered some of the new cards with a titan tag. I probably shouldn’t be on this forum at in the early hours of the morning lol 04:33 am here.

That said, I don’t agree with the premise that inevitability is good, that implies all inevitability is good for the game, which isn’t necessarily true.

Inevitability is good and healthy for the game. Sometimes inevitability comes too quickly, in which case there’s an issue where some numbers need to be adjusted. Inevitability that happens too quickly is bad, but inevitability that can be countered or beaten is not, and having inevitability is an important and necessary part of the game. When the format has too low low lethality you end up with nothing but renethal control priest versus renethal triple blood mirror matches that slog on for half an hour. Those are fun for a while, but if you’re looking to climb ranks on ladder past diamond 5 you really don’t want every game to take that much time, and it’s historically proven to be damaging to the game and player interest/retention when the best thing to do in the format is pure attrition wars.

Now personally I understand where you’re coming from OP. I opened a sargeras myself and I kinda think his power level is a bit BS. But at the same time, with the buffs warrior just got and the toning back of some of the otks there’s a lot of really strong things. Hunter pulls off some nasty combos still, warrior can hit you in the face for 25 damage while gaining 25 armor in a single turn, warlock can do saergeras and curse stuff, paladin has an extremely aggressive token strategy, and control priest and blood dk can still generate infinite value. Drum circle druid is pretty dumb as well, so you have a circle where every deck and archetype has a soft counter. This is good for the game because it prevents any one staretgy from becoming too prevalent.

I’d say the only thing that really doesn’t exist right now outside the paladin class is the traditional board based swarm aggro. Hunter is more combo than it is aggro now, and rogue kinda goes skyscraper tall really fast so it’s not a swarm deck either. But outside that everything is represented. This meta is much better than the last expansion IMO. I’d much rather play the game as it is now than as it was a month ago.


Ha, keep dreaming. I thought you were serious until I read the part where you are whining over a 3/2 imp portal. If you can’t kill the imps better concede and move on to the next game and hope you win before turn 9 before some other late game card upsets you. XD

Thank you for such a detailed and informative response. It seems very hard to discuss anything on the forums with people, so this post is very refreshing.

I understand what you mean by inevitability that is much more concise, I think the point with priest though while I agree with what your saying now, that situation is something thats bothered me about priest in general. I used to be a priest main, c’thun, dragons all that, it was a fun interactive experience for me no matter who I played against even though I lost a lot of my matches, I enjoyed every one of them - though admittedly I stayed away from ranked, I just liked to play the game with my random af decks back then lol. I think priest needs some serious looking at so it can actually be something more flexible, of course priest not being relevant in a meta for once isn’t a bad thing, but it would at least create some variety, I don’t play my “idea” of control priest anymore but I know alot of people hate it lol so some change might be good on that front.

As for renethal, yeah I don’t like renethal that much, while the card lets me do more things, its less fun in standard and seems to really only benefit “some” classes more than others. I await the day he is relegated to wild only, though I will miss some of the other things from that set.

its also funny we’re talking about priest and drum circle because control priest can stop token druid dead in its tracks lol Yet ironically, priest is off-meta atm. Yeah about svalna I dislike the infinite value tbh, like of course it can be fun, I just find it unfun after a while because its just like “well im mostly going to clear their value cards most turns lol”, the game becomes less interesting for me I guess :thinking:

Hmm yeah, I am not saying the meta currently is horrible either I just feel like just because hunter is on everyones chopping block at the moment that shouldn’t mean beyond this meta shouldn’t be considered I guess. I like thinking ahead I suppose.

I am glad I am not the only one who finds the card a bit obnoxious, but I think Ubangii has a really good thought here, because I think the taunt realistically might be what originated my frustration with battlecry itself.

I am. But I am not whining, I am genuinely just thinking ahead, It doesn’t upset me either lol

Weren’t you “whining” about mech rogue the other day? lmao Which I haven’t had much problem dealing with. Pot and kettle Tman15tmb :rofl:

Are you kidding? He costs 9 mana and these days removing a 12 health minion will cost you like 1 to 5 mana depending on the class you are playing and it doesn’t force and automatic concede when it’s played (only in arena). If it comes down to even getting a nerf should be making him 10 mana and we don’t ever talk about nerfing him again.

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Some clarifications;

I have said that buffing his cost if the compromise suggestion at the bottom of the thread was too effective rendering him less likely to see play, would be a thing that could be done. Static 9 mana with nerfs would be unreasonable, so a buff to cost would be better, maybe to 7 or 6 mana.

I also didn’t suggest it would force an instant concede, what I was saying was merely just pre-empting people who like to run around on here telling everyone to concede early when something they criticise is played lol I probably should just remove that part of the thread :man_facepalming:

Also no need to be so foot stompy about it, I know people a bored of “nerf” threads but I was more hoping this would be a discussion rather than an actual “me can’t play please nerf” which isn’t the case, I can play and I can win with the portal on board, already have. It just feels like a little much thats all.

To me it looks like you are implying Sargeras is forcing an instant concede. And about the mana costs, I like my Sargeras to be a high mana cost that spawns infinite imps rather than a 7 mana 6/12 that spawns 2 6/6 and 2 3/2s.

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Hm yeah no complete misunderstanding. I’ll remove that part of the thread, now that another person has interpreted it like that, it was clearly the wrong thing too say.

Lol, so what you’re saying is, “I like infinite value” xD fair enough.