Warlock needs a nerf

When, Blizzard? When you put your brains to work and do something with this broken class? Are you blind or what?

Draw 4-5-6 card for 2 mana — are you crazy?
Curse cards — 2 mana is too much and gamage is too stronge! And this curse cards didn’t have a drowback! 3/4 — pretty good stats, strong AOE damage, 4 damage for 3. And all this may be combined with Tamsin or Brann to deal more and more damage.

Did you even try to think when you created this nobrain curse cards? Six month have passed, and you still don’t see a problem??

Warlock seriously needs a nerf. Playing against him is not fun, he does not even think — just throws green cards. Do something!


They really need to fix Abysal Curse so that it cost 0 to get rid of.

It’s utterly ridiculous that it does massive damage to you AND locks you out of playing anything meaningful in response.

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Curses are fine.
Maybe they should get buffed. Get rid of the “2 Turns remaining”, so it can works like Cursed! from Curse of Rafaam.

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We have a 60/40 against most Druids and Hunters.

yes, and have all the secret mage’s cards be 0 mana, and have the quest mage’s quest with 5 spell coins. don’t laugh anymore… the new secret mage dominates the table in wild, what are you going to do about it? you bewildered hide from the warlock. look for the problem there.

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There’s like 5 people that care about wild, so I honestly wouldn’t know what goes on there, but NO ONE plays secret mage in standard.

Warlock, however, dominates the ladder, and curse is also the least fun thing around currently. Nothing like taking massive damage AND have to spend all my mana to make sure I don’t take massive damage the next turn.

Excuse me. Ill have you know that I’m the 6th person who cares about wild. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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Warlock doesn’t dominate standard, you crazy?


There is alot of nerfs that ia needed for all claasea so.


Why do people claim they understand standard so well when they aren’t even willing to look at simple meta breakdown? Warlock obviously has the highest win rate only dwarfed by hunter in standard. Specifically curse imp lock. It farms everything including beast hunter, it’s beast hunters worst matchup. The only thing that it has an issue with is big druid due to druid constantly having a large hand. Not only does curse imp lock farm most decks in the current meta, it also has the highest amount of games played currently out of all decks in the current meta. Over 80k sample games played on HSReplay. Compared to beast hunters 18k. If you’re claiming that Lock isn’t dominating standard, you’re either nuts or willfully ignorant. The data is out there, use it.

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Lock isn’t dominant no, is it good sure, but not what u claim

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The only way you can argue with what I’ve said is by not looking at the numbers. Which you’re not. Facts don’t care about your feelings. Warlock has the highest played games of any class, it has the highest amount of tier 1 decks of any class, and it’s dipping its toe in the 65% win rate pool. It’s the prime example of a nerf target and if you can’t see that, you either don’t know what you’re talking about or you’re not in a high ranked bracket. What’s your definition of “dominating”? Played rate? High win rate? Feel bad moments? Some other obscure metric that hasn’t been listed? I genuinely don’t see how you can argue with statistics that are updated in real time.

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Do you have dementia? warlock is the weakest class of all.

After the druid, shaman, mage and priest are nerfed, you can express your lack of intelligence.

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after the poor wizard of secrets is nerfed.

your lack of intelligence, surprises me, I will not treat you well.

While you’re at it nerf dhs i played vs one there summoned one of those devours from sl there had a 5/6 or so as a 2 cost card or so

Warlock is the least! I need you to nerf the cards that generate copies of the opponent’s cards that only the priest has, it’s totally unfair to play against that!! And you’re crying to warlock??

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No one give a crap about data. its not enjoyable to deal with this broken deck.

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It’s not even close to be called “broken” so don’t play that card…there are far more powerful cards than curses.

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Where do you even get these false claims? How do u know itself the most played class, do some research before u look even more stupid.