Want to play single player mode

Hey all, I joined HS during Rise of Shadows, I loved Ride of Shadows and wish that I could stop my HS journey on that expansion. By that I mean to wish that I could run the dalaran heist without using the current meta cards. I had to stop playing HS because of how ridiculous the game has gotten with its broken op cards. Even in single player, I am not having as much with the new cards. It’s like each expansion the people behind HS are powerscaling and try to out do the previous expansion.

I too prefer the Solo Adventures mode insted of the competitive Arena, Tavern Brawl or simply play other players. Currently I am progressing in the Book of Mercenaries, before I proceed with the Book of Heroes. I for one couldn’t care less about the competitive part of Hearthstone, as long as I have my Solo Adventures to enjoy.

But here are some Suggestions for potential future Solo Adventures. Now, as a former WoW Player and Warcraft Fan since 1995, I would like to see more minor characters get some more love. Characters for both Book of Mercenaries and Heroes I have in mind are:

-Grok Scourgebane (an orcish Death Knight who assists the Raid in Icecrown Citadel) and a Badass in his own right.

-Stefan Vadu (a human Death Knight of the Ebon Blade who serves as a Questgiver in Zul’Drak and Icecrown Citadel itself)

-Kayn Sunfury (a Blood Elf Demon Hunter which played quite an important role in the Demon Hunter Order Hall Campaign)

-Altruis the Sufferer (a Night Elf Demon Hunter who played his part in the Battle of the Black Temple in TBC and served as a Questgiver in Nagrand and Legion, if the Player chose Altruis over Kayn Sunfury)

-Gazlowe is a Goblin who worked his way up from humble beginnings to higher standards. He is a roguish thief, architect and chief engineer. He has been hired by Thrall to oversee the construction of Durotars capital City of Orgrimmar. Gazlowe also serves as a Questgiver for the Players in the Barrens and later, he would be the Architect of the Player’s Garrison in Frostrfire Ridge (Warlords of Draenor)

-The Blackwater Raiders, the Bloodsail Buccaneers, Kul’Tiras Pirates and the Masterminds behind them. Do I need to say more? I would love to have a solo adventure, which sets its focus on pirates, cutthroats, smugglers, thieves, scum and villany. The Dalaran Heist was a good start, but come on now Blizz… you can do it waaaaaayy better than this smirks Yarrrrrrr!! Hear me ye scurvy dogs!!!

-Alchemist Finklestein is also one of these characters who deserve more love. Finklestein can be found in Zul’Drak and serves as a Questgiver as well. Later he would join the Ashen Verdict and will serve as a Vendor in Icecrown Citadel. So… who’s up for some “mad Alchemist” Story arc? :wink:

-Gamon… do I need to say more? Come one… this tauren Warrior has turned from a pathetic weakling into a force to be reckoned with! I know, because I felt his strength on my own skin. Gamon is a Badass in his own right… for he will save us… and he did by participating in the Boss Battle against General Nazgrim during the Siege of Orgrimmar. Come on Blizz… give us the Story of Gamon :slight_smile:

-Dirty Larry and his Ruffians from Lower City of Shattrath. Poor sods always get their arses kicked during a longer quest chain in the Burning Crusade Expansion.

-The Underbelly of Dalaran is also a portion of the City which deserves more love. I mean, the Underbelly is the Ghetto of Dalaran City and it could serve as a good story for Scum and Villany. Ah yes… don’t forget Awilo, the Troll Cook from the Filthy Animal Tavern who has an obsession for cooking Gnomes heheheheh!

-Hemet Nesingwary. Ah yes… the BIG GAME HUNTER Hemet Nesingwary himself and his “hunting achievements”! Now… wouldn’t that be a story in itself? The Green Hills of Stranglethorn and everything I have missed :slight_smile:

-Zul’Gurub - the Downfall of the Gurubashi Tribe. Come “Heroes”… face the wrath of Hakkar the soulflayer!!!

-Zul’Aman - everybody always wanna take from us… now it’s time we take back!!! Have the Heroes invade Zul’Aman in search of Treasure and… Amani Bears heheheheh!!!

Phew… of course there are more Charcters I have in mind who all deserve some more love you know? Come on Blizz!!! Give us the Entertainment we the solo adventure Fans need!!! So… what do you people think? Good or Trash?

Have a good one and stay safe.

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“Kayn Sunfury (a Blood Elf Demon Hunter which played quite an important role in the Demon Hunter Order Hall Campaign)”

I can see his Hero Power now: “You and all your minions ignore Taunt.”

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Heheheh! Yes, isn’t he a lovely one that Demon Hunter of ours? :slight_smile: So… what do you think? Since Hearthstone tells stories in a more comedic way than the usual Warcraft Games, I belive these Suggestions may fit in very well.