Vs Report is out


Saw crazy alchemist and mossy horrors. People are beginning to notice priest. :grin:


Every deck is a gimmicky deck.

Play Murloc Paladin get you win rate matchups.

100% counter deck to Murloc Paladin?

Bomb Warrior. Play Prismatic draw a - BOMB! Yes, bomb is a spell. Then Play your turn 5 BRAWL. You WILL have this card. Then move on to your WARPATH!

Now the Paladin deck is depleted. Drop in your bombs with you Elekk and Goblins. You WILL have these cards within the first 10 off the top of your deck. Dont forget to use your Dynomatic just for salt.

All the decks are gimmicks. All the decks are on autopilot.

Same with last seasons Mecha Mecha Paladin.

Drop your automatic Glowstone technician on turn 5 (always there) and start the whole +2/+2. You WILL have Zilliax in your hand gaining +2/+2 off the Glowstone.

Now just Mecha Mecha Magnetize your Robo egg with Zilliax. Get all your health back by time thats destroyed. Then Mecha Mecha Magnetize your 8/8 into a 14/22 or so.

Yep this can be beat by its counter deck. But thats how all this gimmicky mechanics work.


This and twenty characters.


How is it not as bad as I say? The numbers are literally half what they normally are, and we’re talking about the absolute pinnacle of invested players still playing this game.


Because you dont account for the competition which has involuntary participation.

Like I said, i have little doubt the player base is dropping, but definitely not to the exten you continullay state. You have been saing the games dead for OVER a year now, yet its still alive. If it was, the game would be given the HOTS treatment of going into “maintenance mode”, yet that has not happened, has it?!?


The only competition here is games that are better than Hearthstone.


Then go play one of those. Prove you have left the game and stop posting here. As per my previous edit, the game is not in maintenance mode, which means its not dying as much as you constantly state it is.


Eh, they say quest priest is garbage but my version just spit me from rank 15 to rank 9 only losing 3 games, and two of those the mage had to high roll extremely hard to win.

I plan on taking my deck to legend as it’s crushing all the decks this report has as top decks: quest rogue, control warrior, quest paladin, highlander mage, highlander hunter, combo priest. Etc…

My deck must be a meta breaking deck, but then again I’m still at rank 9 so that might change with the level of play at rank 4 like they claim.

We’ll see.


you are forgetting the fact that with boom around giving mechs results into being another removal. prime example would be how (with boom) a devastator is basically 4 mana deal 14 damage to minion/s.


Devastator is usually a 4 mana deal 18 dmg to minions because it can usually trade into something with less than 5 attack letting it attack again. The card is beyond dumb when its turn 10 and it has rush.


Pretty sure VS report came after HS replay did not before.

Also It has been proven in Quarter reports that HS population has taken a hit. RoS actually bumped pop up a bit but last year hit HS really hard.

Who knows how this expansion is doing. I am personally not playing much and might stop buying cards in the future.


I need to watch how your deck has evolved.

We’re going very different routes but I agree my Quest Priest right now, playing a lot of decks so low count, is 13-7 I believe… I can’t believe sub-40% once all the trash is removed from the data.


Some combination of:

  • I don’t think CCGs are ‘inherently’ as big of a genre as HS made it. I think it benefited from being a fad.

  • MtG:A took a certain % if individuals I know. Not sure how high of a percentage but probably noticeable

  • Either poor decisions by Blizzard’s and/or HS’s natural limitations beginning to grind on people.


And, you would be mistaken with that thought. Vs (data reaper) used hsdt before hsreplay started, as we know it anyway. Indeed, vs originally started using track-o-bot solo before hsreplay was even a blip on the radar for data collection.

Data reaper, merged with vs soon after it’s creation, and was the first source of actual statistical breakdowns for the public, instead of the opinions seen on tempo storm. At that time hsreplay provided nothing more than a deck tracker.


I expected people to understand that from the

bit of my post.


He is right this time unfortunately.

-Nerf of wildgrowth (and other classic cards but most importantly wild growth)
-Specialist format (this didn’t help in getting people excited for the game and new expansion)
-Creating an experience instead of a game (most people play hs for the gameplay,not for the experience,they don’t want decks working as intended all the time)
-Natural live and death cycle of any game
-quality of design
-lack of updates that can keep players involved with the game when they are temporarily bored with the main game. (brawl could be made bigger,for example a competition mode in brawl with a leaderboard every week)
-devaluation of ladder by no longer being connected to the professional tournament scene. It should be possible to qualify for big tournaments by only playing on ladder.
-lack of attention for wild (just get rid of big priest,just do it. it doesn’t matter if its op or not,people do not like it)

Hs can remain a great game if blizzard accepts a smaller audience and choses to fully target that small audience,no longer target the casuals (like mtg does)
Hs will become a very bad game if blizzard does not accept a smaller audience and chose to try everything possible to keep the player numbers up and squeeze out the last remaining juice.

When game is a hype then players will accept that they don’t get everything from the game that they want. Then you can try to please everyone a little bit. But when game is past its peak and hype has come down,thats when players are starting to become critical about a game. They are less likely to accept things that they do not like,it is no longer possible to please everyone a little bit.


This game is 5 years old, of course it’s declining; the game doesn’t have to be ded for it to be declining.

You think you’re some kind of prophet for claiming the sun exploded every time it sets.

“But I can’t see it. Look how dark it is”

It’s just stupid :rofl:


There’s truth here.

Hearthstone 5 years ago was a revolution. It took CCGs from a niche game in a paper-only market at comic book stores and mainstreamed it onto computers and mobile devices in a way that had never been done before. Digital CCGs to that point were paranoid about cannibalizing the paper version of themselves, and so their computerized formats tended to be timid, limited, and have lousy player economies. Team5 blew all that up with a F2P model that was insanely generous compared to traditional CCGs. They exploded overnight and re-created the entire CCG market all by themselves.

That was 5+ years ago though. Things have changed, and Hearthstone is a mature game. Rather than meteoric growth every quarter, it is more in the ‘maintenance’ mode of retaining what market it already has and sloughing off a little bit year by year. To expect any game to have explosive YoY growth forever is kind of silly.

So of course Hearthstone isn’t growing like it was when it launched. Duh. I don’t think ANY game has ever done that. People snarking that Hearthstone is ‘dying’ just because it’s market share is flat are simply proving they know very little about how business works.


VS has been struggling to get the game data numbers they want for quite some time now, and it continues to get worse for them.

HSR still gets plenty of game data (numbers VS would kill to have), but doesn’t show the data in a particularly useful format like VS does.

Yes, the hearthstone population has dropped, but the numbers still playing the game are far, far from anything you could call “dead.” The data decline from VS is better attributed to other factors (mainly that they don’t automatically get your data when you use a deck tracker like HSR does, and based on the instructions given in the last report, that opt in occasionally needs to be redone without alerting users, who may believe they are still providing the data, but aren’t).

VS has been dying a slow death for a long time now. Hearthstone, while definitely declining in numbers, is still going relatively strongly for an online CCG.


So what’s the difference between your deck and mine anyway? If I had to guess, you’re using Hakkar instead of King Phaoris, 2x Mass dispel instead of Holy Ripple (I made that swap myself), 2x Spirit of the dead instead of Mind control, and Bwomsamdi instead of vargoth. My only question is do you run both the 2x shadow word: death and 2x Fordibben words, or did you cut something there to fit in Zerek’s Cloning Gallery and/or Gallery and Vargoth both? I’m pretty sure I got most of the swaps right, but I really wanna know if you have Vargoth and/or Gallery in your list or not. I’m gonna try tinkering with your design this weekend and those are the two cards I’m most interested in.