[Video] Naga Priest to Legend!

Hit Legend for the first time in a year with Naga Priest. Naga Priest is still a powerful deck tearing up the ladder (but low playrate).

Watch my video here for some games, maybe it’ll help you if you want to pilot the deck yourself:


Naga Priest


Class: Priest

Format: Standard

Year of the Hydra

1x (0) Priestess Valishj

2x (1) Serpent Wig

2x (1) Shadow Word: Devour

1x (1) Shard of the Naaru

2x (1) Vicious Slitherspear

2x (2) Amalgam of the Deep

2x (2) Bless

2x (2) Murkwater Scribe

2x (2) Radiant Elemental

2x (2) Thrive in the Shadows

2x (3) Cathedral of Atonement

2x (3) Handmaiden

1x (3) Pelagos

2x (3) Treasure Guard

1x (4) Blademaster Samuro

2x (4) Boon of the Ascended

2x (4) School Teacher


To use this deck, copy it to your clipboard and create a new deck in Hearthstone



I can’t pilot that deck. I get extremely frustrated and angry. I deleted the deck from my list so I don’t queue it.


Naga priest is the strongest deck in the game, realistically there’s only paladin who can stop them when they go off early and other classes can’t do anything except mage and control priest I suppose.

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Thats not how it works.

Granted the deck is hard to play perfectly - cycling the Serpent Wigs confused me at times so I played slow when I could, and APM when the rope hit.



I can play that deck, but I can’t bring myself to play it much. I get really bored, my eyes glaze over, and I zone out after only a game or two. It’s just not the deck for me I guess.


Congrats, but I contend the claim it requires skill or thought to play this deck.

What exactly do you have to do besides optimize how to barf the biggest minions onto the board in the shortest time frame (since you basically have a free pass to do so with almost every deck not running starfish, which happens to be all of them because of the low play rate of Naga priest?)

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The deck is fantastic but boring. Did you enjoy playing it? I’d like to but have a hard time for some reason. This may speak to its low play-rate.

Man… you can simplify in words any deck you want – just as you are here. While this particular deck may not have the highest skill ceiling it nevertheless does require thought.

Well I’m calling this deck out, it really doesn’t have any depth or thought required. You literally play what you draw and try to get massive minions by turn 4 or 5.

I realize that’s similar to a lot of decks in HS right now (Warlock for example) and that points to how bad this game has become. You literally pop off with your deck or lose, there’s no counter play by design.

It’s a direct consequence of several design choices the dev team made, basically if you want short games they need to end by turn 6 on average so counter play can not exist because it would draw games out more than turn 6. It’s actually a ridiculous thing they are doing to the game, it’s destroying what makes Hearthstone fun.

I enjoyed it because there are games where you can’t get a big minion down and have to think of ways to hold onto the board. Eg: the 2nd game vs Hunter

I’ve also had a fair number of games where I’m about to lose and pull off the lethal on that very turn.

Overall if I did play Naga Priest too much I’d get burnt out like any other deck, but I needed a deck I could get a good winrate on and Beast Hunter wasn’t cutting it even though I enjoy playing that deck.