Upcoming story mode cards

As frustrating as this expansion has been,first with demon hunter being so overpowered and breaking the meta,now gally priest having “just stupid” hand regeneration options and destroying ladder play ,due to every game outside of tempo match ups going to fatigue.How can getting an additional 4 or 5 disciples 3 additional legendary lazuls, not to include gally’s hero power exist without limits. Will cards in the story line address some of the issues or has the cards already been designed and awaiting for release?There seems to be a few good cards usually that has some impact on the meta.

The upcoming solo adventure is going to be free, and free adventures usually don’t include new cards with them. I wouldn’t expect the upcoming solo adventure to be any different, but I guess we’ll find out soon enough.


misleading topic tittle no story mode cards were announced !

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Maybe quests like witch wood and k&c dungeon